Week in Review – 9 April 2017

I had such high plans for my reading this week but it all went a little pear shaped!

On Tuesday I went to see the rather wonderful Matthew Bourne’s The Red Shoes with my Mum. I’m a huge fan of Matthew Bourne’s contemporary ballet work, if you get the opportunity to see one of his ballet’s I highly recommend it. They are very modern, the dancers highly skilled and always exquisitely executed.

On the way home though we received a call that my Nan was very unwell so diverted to her house where after packing my mum home in a taxi, I waited with her for an ambulance then on to the hospital where I stayed until 3am, when they decided she was staying the night (of course it was one of those times I was wishing I had taken my book to the theatre!).

My Nan is OK and I spent all day yesterday at her house with her but I’m completely out of sorts and playing catch up with sleep, life, and reading! It was lucky all my posts for this week were pre-scheduled or the blog would have been a ghost town!

In good and interesting news, last night I took part in the Grimbold Books podcast The Grimcast. The focus was on book bloggers and the book blogging community so I will definitely let you all have a link to tune in when it goes live!

So, onto my update this week…

Currently Reading

Right Here Waiting For you - Rebecca Pugh


What I’ve Read

 Strange the Dreamer - UK Cover Reveal Rough - Sybil Bartel 

New Books

So I hit my personal TBR threshold on the number of books I can have before I stop buying and requesting books on NetGalley (unless they are by a favourite author of course) until I’ve brought the numbers down a bit…so in theory this section should be empty…of course, it’s not!


Bombshell - CD Reiss 

Competition Wins

 A Bed of Brambles - Sam Russell

Book Post

 The Dragon's Legacy - Deborah A. Wolf


Into the Hall of Vice - Anabelle Bryant


I’ve been a little bit more proactive with the reviews this week, my new schedule seems to be working and I’m catching up on my backlog (insert happy dance here)!

Hot Shade - Tamara Lush  the-last-days-of-magic Modern Girls Guide to Turning Into YOur Mother - Ada Adverse dragon-of-ash-stars

Other Posts

Fantasy author, J.C. Kang stopped by for The Bookshelf this week.

Saving Mercy - Abbie Roads The White Raven - Carrie D. Miller Standing Ground - Alice Rachel the-authors-bookshelf-logo


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#Review: The Silent Fountain by Victoria Fox @VFoxWrites @HQStories


Hollywood, 1978: 

Tragedy sends troubled film star Vivien Lockhart into the arms of Giovanni Moretti—and it seems her fortunes have finally changed. Until she meets his sister and learns that her new husband’s past holds dark secrets…

Tuscany, Present day: 

Lucy Whittaker needs to disappear. But her new home, the crumbling Castillo Barbarossa, is far from the secluded paradise it seemed. Strange sounds come from the attic. The owner of the house will never meet her in person.

The fountain in the courtyard is silent—but has never run dry.

Across the decades, Vivien and Lucy find themselves trapped in the idyllic Italian villa. 

And if they are ever to truly escape its walls, they must first unearth its secrets…


Victoria Fox has produced an intense and complicated story with The Silent Fountain, I was consumed and completely absorbed from page one with this story of women who have been devastated and forever altered by circumstances out of their control.

Vivien Lockhart was a Hollywood movie star in the late 70’s before she gave it all up for her Husband and moved to Italy with him and his Sister. Unfortunately his Sister systematically destroyed her life and she is still paying the price almost forty years later.

Lucy Whittaker fell in love, but is now paying the price for that love as paparazzi chase her and the British public condemn her. She arrives at Vivien’s home in Tuscany looking for a job, peace, quiet and an escape from everything which is haunting her. Unfortunately Vivien’s ghosts appear to want to haunt her aswell.

This book is so cleverly written, for most of the novel Lucy and Vivien have no interaction at all yet their lives are completely interwoven. There are flashbacks telling us Viviens story from her teenage years living at home with her parent’s through to the most devastating moment of her life in Tuscany.

Lucy reveals her story to us through her own dialogue, and her dialogue with others. The stories of both women are deeply moving, riveting and leave you heartbroken, sometimes wondering if they are getting what they deserve and other times thinking that the world is a cruel cruel place.

I couldn’t work out what type of book I was reading, was it chick-lit, women’s fiction, a mystery, a ghost story, a romance? Honestly I think it was a bit of all of these and more, it was beautifully planned, written and executed. Victoria Fox has outdone herself with The Silent Fountain and I highly recommend it to everyone regardless of their genre of choice.

A huge thanks to Victoria Fox and HQ for the eARC in return for my honest review.


Book & Buy Links

TitleThe Silent Fountain
Series: N/A
Author: Victoria Fox
Genre: Chick-Lit | Romance | Mystery | Women’s Fiction | Suspense
Publisher: HQ
Publication Date: 9 March 2017
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: Paperback | Audio
Pages: 400
BuyAmazon UK | Amazon US | Waterstones | Foyles | Book Depository | SpeedyHen

Week in Review – 19 March 2017

This has been a tough week, it started with some news which blew the stuffing out of me and I’ve spent a lot, probably too much time processing. It also meant that I have not been in the right frame of mind to read and so my reading has slowed dramatically.

I also realised that I’ve been really organised with my blog planning but had forgotten to keep time scheduled for my non-tour reviews so I have a backlog of books to review! I’ve now rectified this moving forward so my reviews should pick up over the coming weeks. Honestly I’m pretty sure I leave my brain in bed most days.

It was my Mum’s birthday this week, most of her Amazon wishlist is Kindle books and I’m again left wondering why Amazon in the UK hasn’t implemented Kindle book gifting like they have in the US? It’s utterly annoying…yes I said utterly. I’ve emailed them about it numerous times but they just ignore me.

I think most of my medication issues are now sorted and I’m starting to feel more human again now, at least until the bipolar slaps in the face again! We had a few hiccoughs this week and I managed to do almost 72 hours with no sleep at all which only feeds the mania but I’m through it and starting to get back into a pattern now.

I also got a new phone this week, it’s my first new phone in six years! A bit of a shock to the system, I used to get a new phone every year so I don’t know what’s come over me going so long! It’s taking a bit of getting used to, I keep pressing things I’m not supposed to, so apologies if I do weird things in comments on your blogs but that will be why!

I went to see Gojira play in Bristol last night, I know most of you are going Goji-what?! They are a French heavy metal band. I absolutely love them, very melodic, they are also eco and political-warriors and it all comes out in their music so very on my wavelength. I saw them play at Bloodstock festival last year which was actually the first time I had seen them live despite buying their music for years and they blew the roof of the place (OK there was no roof it was an outdoor festival but you get the idea!).

So onto this week’s book activity!

Currently Reading

What I’ve Read

New Books

This week has been eclectic, I won a book from Lorraine over at The Book Review Café, I’d entered the giveaway knowing Hubs would really enjoy the book and he was over the moon when I gave it to him! I also received a proof copy of Strange the Dreamer which I can honestly say is one of the most stunning books I’ve ever handled. I also received a signed copy of The Last Days of Magic direct from Mark Tompkins which I am so grateful for, I have had this book on my radar for a while and I will be reading it very soon so watch this space!


Book Post

 Strange the Dreamer - UK Cover Reveal 




Only one review this week after my little scheduling slip up! That will be fixed next week!


Other Posts

Lots going on this week other than the reviews, had a few great guest posts, and a couple of blitz posts for some interesting looking books. Ann Troup stopped by for The Bookshelf this week.

  Soul Mates - Nadine Nightingale Ashael Rising - Shona Kinsella the-authors-bookshelf-logo


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Week In Review – 12 March 2017

It’s been a slower week this week, I spent a few days away visiting my Sister and Niece in Lincolnshire and so spent some time away from the blogging world, I had some posts scheduled, but didn’t have time for reading blogs or keeping up with thank you’s. So thank you to everyone who shared posts this week and I will get back to reading all of your lovely blogs post haste!

As for Lincolnshire, it was what I needed, some fresh air and time away from the city. We visited Lincoln, my first time there and what a lovely place it is. I also started giving my Niece some music lessons, it was lovely watching her pick up the basics and start to understand how to make a tune and start to read music from her book. I’ve left her with some exercise books which should help her learn some more.

I’ve still been struggling with getting my bipolar under control with the new medication changes so the reading has crawled to a snails pace. Hopefully it will start picking up again soon although there has been a serious miscommunication between the mental health team and GP leaving me minus any medication this weekend so I’m far from amused!

aven-ellis-quoteI did get some great news though, the lovely author Aven Ellis dropped me a line to say she had dropped one of my quotes in as her top review on the Amazon page for her most recent novel Sugar and Ice. I’m so flattered, this was such a pleasant book to read and I do hope others enjoy it just as much as I did.

I have also had a couple of great prizes donated for my blogiversary next month! Can’t wait for you guys to see what is up for grabs!

Right, onto this weeks update…

Currently Reading

What I’ve Read

I read When the Floods Came as part of my Discoverability Challenge this month and I can’t wait to write my review for you it far surpassed my expectations.

When the floods came clare morrall  meet-me-at-willoughby-close-kate-hewitt

New Books

This week started off slow, then I had an explosion of Blog Tour books sent to me! At least they are mostly for tours right?! haha! I also received the book I won in Rachel Gilbey‘s birthday giveaway, this looks like a treat, thank you so much for that Rachel!


wicked-lil-brat-alexis-angel the-guardian-nikki-landis

Book Post


songs-of-insurrection-jc-kang Souljacker - Yasmine Galenorn    


Some great reviews this week, oddly all the books are young adult which considering I’m trying to pull away from the genre is a bit weird!

angelbound-christina-bauer curse-of-stars sirens-fury-mary-weber

Other Posts

This week I’ve had a book blitz, a cover reveal and Zoë Markham was featured on The Bookshelf.

the-monster-upstairs-elle-klass claimed-by-the-succubus-siren-allen the-authors-bookshelf-logo


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Blog Tour: Review: The Santiago Sisters by Victoria Fox

Welcome to my stop on the The Santiago Sisters Blog Tour, written by Victoria Fox and published by MIRA Books. I’m very pleased to be taking part and hope you enjoy my review.

They should have stayed as one. They couldn’t survive apart.
It was fate, forever destined to come to this: from birth to death, two halves of the same whole.

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Stacking the Shelves #6 – New Books This Week

Here is this week’s Stacking the Shelves, this is a weekly meme which is organised by Tynga’s Reviews, I’ve extended my book ban as I still have a huge number of ARC’s to catch up on and a lot of blog tours this month with books to read and review for them!

Here are my new books this week!

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