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#Review: The Castle of Earth and Embers by Steffanie Holmes @steffmetal

The Castle of Earth and Embers - Steffanie Holmes

Description BRAND NEW reverse harem series laced with Celtic mythology, gothic mystery, and four gorgeous guys, all served up with lashings of British wit. Maeve Crawford has her life mathematically calculated down to the last detail; Leave her podunk Arizona town, graduate MIT, get into the space program, be the first woman on Mars, read lots of books, get a

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Discussion Post: Amazon Censorship

Wow, I’m finding a lot to make me ranty recently! I don’t even know where to start with the minefield that is Amazon censoring indie books so that they can’t be sold/aren’t selling/are having sales withdrawn. You name it Amazon is managing to pull it off in this little minefield and I’m just going to say it. It’s freaking bollocks!

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