AWARD: One Lovely Blog Award – The Music Edition

Huge thanks to the lovely Mischenko at Read Rant Rock & Roll for the nomination on this one. I absolutely love Mischenko’s blog so do head over and see her! Now, I’ve already done this award, but this one had a little twist on it, being all about music so I couldn’t resist giving it another go!


  1. Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post.
  2. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
  3. Must add 7 facts about themselves and then nominate 15 people.

My Musical Facts

#1 When I was in my early teens I had what I can only describe as a mind fart where I went completely nuts for Take That, my punishment for this severe lack in judgement was to get knocked over on my way home from school on the night of a concert meaning I was in hospital getting brain scans instead of going to see them. I look back and see those brain scans were definitely needed, and sometimes wondered if the brain damage was a result of being knocked over or listening to such terrible music!

#2 My intention as a child/teen was to be a professional musician, my dream was to go to The Royal College of Music in London. Unfortunately, a breakdown brought on by pressure by one of my music teachers destroyed my dreams and I gave up music at 16, despite being on track for early admission.

#3 I’ve played several instruments over the years, the Cello briefly, the Clarinet and Saxophone seriously. I also self-taught the flute and piano badly. I also studied theory and wrote a piece of music for the school’s 80-piece wind band. Oh and I could/can sing, I sang the solo for Ava Maria in a big concert when I was 16, couldn’t do that now, my voice has definitely fallen apart since then! I’ve also won a few competitions when I was kid and as an adult. But I haven’t sung in public for at least 8 years!

#4 Despite being a massive heavy metal fan and being quite tunnel visioned about music, I am a huge fan of classical music and I also love jazz. There is so much technical skill involved in writing and playing both of these styles and I get completely sucked into them.

#5 I have a weakness for the Cello, it is by far my favourite instrument. It has such a sensual sound and it’s easily the most emotive instrument I’ve ever listened to. It was the first instrument I was ever taught, I wasn’t particularly great at it, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to try. My absolute favourite band, Apocalyptica, are a heavy metal band made up of cellists. It’s my ultimate turn on (haha!) long haired rockers playing Cellos, I even played some of their music during my wedding service.

#6 I absolutely love the ballet, the combination of dance with the music gets me every time. My favourite dance company is Matthew Bourne they do fabulous modern contemporary ballet which is often a twist on a traditional story. My favourite so far was Sleeping Beauty which I saw a few years ago, incredibly gothic and dark. Absolutely brilliant.

#7 I am addicted to TV music soundtracks, I analyse them, memorise them, and I can almost perfectly spot who the composer is before reading the titles. It’s an uncanny talent I have, but I absolutely the music and skill it takes to evoke emotion through music on TV. My favourite soundtrack composer is Bear McCreary, I absolutely idolise this man he is so talented, and I have so many albums of his soundtracks it’s ridiculous.

My Nominees

I can’t remember who I nominated the first time, so please ignore me if I’m repeating myself, I’ve also not done the full 15 because it’s just so many! Also don’t feel you have to do this on the music theme, just go random if you want, and no pressure to take part as always!

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AWARD: One Lovely Blog Award

My very lovely friend, Mischenko over at Read, Rant, Rock & Roll nominated me for this one. She has a wonderful blog, I’m particularly partial to her Wednesday Breakfast and a Book posts, which is ridiculous as they just make me really hungry!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself
  3. Nominate 15 bloggers and inform them of the nomination

My Seven Facts

I don’t drink any caffeine at all. I used to be a caffeine addict, would drink coffee by the jug-full. But it made my anxiety worse, caused my migranes to get worse. So I stopped drinking it and haven’t touched caffeine in 12 years.


Staying on food related, I’m allergic to wheat, so eat a gluten free diet. It came on in my early thirties, I kept being rushed to hospital with anaphalaxsis and/or swelling in my joints that couldn’t be explained. A nutritionist suggested I cut gluten from my diet and I stop reacting. Two years ago, the diagnosis was confirmed, but I haven’t eaten wheat in five years now.


In the past two years I’ve lost 34kg and dropped 3 dress sizes. It’s taken a lot of effort and work, but I’m so pleased with the outcome. There’s still some way to go before I hit the weight I agreed with my Doctor when I started but I’m getting there. I would show before and after photo’s but I hated having my photo taken when I was at my biggest so there aren’t any.

I volunteer with a local mental health charity, I work with the communications team helping them with marketing that they haven’t been able to do before because of skills gaps, it’s really rewarding to know I’m able to use my professional skills for good.

I am the eldest of five siblings. We are a complicated family, I have one full sister, one half brother, and a step brother and sister. I am closest to my half brother, who is the youngest of the brood, but most like me. There are eight years between us. We also share a number of friends as well.

I love Halloween, I got married on Halloween, wore black and threw a halloween party as a wedding reception. Our wedding cake was covered in spiders as well. Halloween isn’t really done properly in the UK, but we do our best to keep up.

Contrary to popular belief, my favourite colour isn’t Black, it’s actually Orange. I just prefer to wear Black.

My Nominees

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As always no pressure to take part.