#Review: There Is Always More To Say by Lynda Young Spiro @lyndaspiro


Soho 1984: Two people meet and their worlds are changed forever. An unexpected meeting – a look that means their lives will never be the same again. In “There Is Always More To Say”, Lynda Spiro chronicles the lives of the couple through friendships, marriage, fleeting moments and snatched time. It is a passionate account about a connection between two people that never dies even when tested by distance and when life throws the unexpected at their feet.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction both are transformed.” C G Jung


There Is Always More To Say is a book about friendship, about love, and for me it was about fidelity aswell. Our narrator is a woman, who is telling her story in the form of a stream of consciousness or a letter or something else of this ilk. We never know her name or the name of the person she is talking to. Just Me and You.

Also very cleverly is that all of the accompanying cast have androgynous names meaning we don’t know the sex of the friends meaning that the story has to be taken as it is given and no judgements made.

The two characters meet while working in a London cafe in 1984, after a brief relationship, they go back to their lives, with “you” returning to the USA. They only see each other twice in the next 30 years but there is semi-regular contact and it is our narrator’s thoughts and feelings about this friendship that we are taken through.

Now in some ways this sounds like a beautiful and moving friendship, it has survived miles and decades, and I’m sure we can all vouch for the fact that friendships like that are hard to find. On the other hand some of the things that are said in regards to our narrators husband in comparison to this “friend” I found quite wrong, hence my comment above about this book being about fidelity aswell.

I believe there was definitely an emotional affair happening here and I found it very uncomfortable to read someone so oblivious to the fact they were cheating on their partner or not caring. All of the things they said they were getting from their “friend” I get from my Husband and it made me feel very awkward and very sorry for the Husband.

This is obviously a very one-sided story and it’s told like this on purpose. I sometimes wondered if maybe it was just a diary rather than something meant for the “friend” to see. It was very repetitive the way a diary would be with constant reminders of when they met and other facts that we already knew.

It would be interesting for another book to be written with the story from the “friend” perspective because I wonder if things are as they played out in this story. I wonder if our narrator is caught up in a bubble of their own making, the grass is always greener with the first love kind of thing.

This was an interesting book, it’s a short read and gets you thinking.

A huge thanks to Lynda Young Spiro for the eARC so that I could read and honestly review this novel.


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TitleThere Is Always More To Say
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Author: Lynda Young Spiro
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: New Generation Publishing
Publication Date: 18 April 2016
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Pages: 110
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