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Welcome to The Bookshelf. Each week I feature an author or book blogger and talk about their bookshelf with them. It’s a light-hearted, book focused, Q&A.

This week I have Kathleen McGurl, and I highly recommend her dual-timeline novels if you haven’t read them yet.

I hope you enjoy peeking into her bookshelf.

What was the first book you remember having on your bookshelf?
As a child I had a lovely set of hardback Enid Blyton books. Brownie Tales was an early favourite.  I’m sure I’d have had books on shelves in my room before then but can’t remember what! Probably the bible I got at my christening may have been the first.

What was the most recent book you added to the bookshelf?
I don’t buy as many physical books these days – try to buy ebooks to save my groaning shelves. But most recently I have bought a lot of European guidebooks ready for long trip in a motorhome we are doing this year.

Which book have you most recently read from your bookshelf?
Last ebook read was Martin Lee’s The Somme Legacy, a brilliant genealogical detective mystery. Last paperback was Michael Farrell’s Thy Tears Might Cease, a huge book about a boy growing up during the years of the Irish fight for independence.


Which 5 books from last year would you not let go of from your bookshelf?
Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey. One of the best books I’ve ever read.

Jessie Burton’s The Miniaturist. As good as its hype!

Sarah Waters’ The Paying Guest. What an incredible writer she is.

Katherine Webb’s The Misbegotten. A favourite author.

Robert Galbraith’s The Career of Evil. Aka JK Rowling – I adore these Cormoran Strike books.


Which books are you most looking forward to adding to your bookshelf?
The next Cormoran Strike book, and whatever Kate Morton writes next.

What was the most recent addition to your writers bookshelf?
Not sure what was the most recent, but the book for writers that I rate most highly and am currently re-reading, is Scarlett Thomas’s Monkeys with Typewriters. Fabulously inspirational!

Which of your own books are you most proud of adding to the bookshelf?
Oh that’s a hard one – I am proud of all my books. I think my most recent, The Girl from Ballymor, which is available for preorder, is probably the one I’m most proud of. It’s certainly my favourite. But then again, The Emerald Comb is the one that got me a publishing deal!


Which book on your bookshelf do you most wish you had written?
Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey. It’s the same genre as mine (dual timeline) but so beautifully written and so emotional. Amazing book.

Is there a WIP we can look forward to adding to our bookshelves?
Yes! The Girl from Ballymor is available now for preorder, publication date is 7th September. It’s my first to be published in paperback as well as ebook, so that’s very exciting for me!

Can you share a picture of your bookshelf / favourite bookshelf?

Kathleen McGurl’s Bookshelf

 The Daughters of Red Hill Hall - Kathleen McGurl  

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About Kathleen McGurl

Kathleen McGurl lives near the sea in Bournemouth, UK, with her husband and elderly tabby cat. She has two sons who are now grown-up and have left home. She began her writing career creating short stories, and sold dozens to women’s magazines in the UK and Australia. Then she got side-tracked onto family history research – which led eventually to writing novels with genealogy themes. She has always been fascinated by the past, and the ways in which the past can influence the present, and enjoys exploring these links in her novels.

When not writing or working at her full-time job in IT, she likes to go out running or swimming, both of which she does rather slowly. She is definitely quicker at writing, even though the cat tries to disrupt the writing process by insisting on sharing Kathleen’s lap with the laptop.


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