Most Anticipated Books of 2018

Happy New Year Guys! I hope you’ve all had a really great festive period and are going into the New Year full of positivity.

So…I thought I would highlight some of the books I’m most looking forward to in 2018. I’m sure I haven’t got them all listed here, I don’t actually keep a list of unreleased books so this has been done from memory! We won’t even go into how bad my memory is!

The Viper’s Nest (Kit Davenport #4) by Tate James

The Viper's Nest - Tate JamesI’ve just finished the third book in this series (reviews of books 2 and 3 coming very soon) and I’m totally hooked. I already have this book on pre-order and waiting to read it will be painful. This series is a paranormal reverse harem, meaning it combines some of my favourite genres. Kit is a superb character, she’s strong and feisty taking no nonsense and she’s got this harem of strong soldiers who will do anything to protect her while they all work together as a team. Tate James has done a superb job of ensuring that the characters have unique and individual personalities so that it’s very clear who each person is and how they fit into the novel.

The Bitter Twins (The Winnowing Flame Trilogy #2) by Jen Williams

The Bitter Twins - Jen WilliamsOK, this is a bit of a cheat addition as I’ve already read an ARC of this novel, but it isn’t released until March and I have the book on pre-release because I desperately want the paperback to add to my Jen Williams section of my bookshelf! What can I say about this novel other than it’s just everything I had hoped for, my full review will be up shortly, but continuing where The Ninth Rain leaves off The Bitter Twins takes our characters deeper into the war with the Jure’lia, Jen Williams writing is stunning as always and I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Grey Sister (Book of the Ancestor #2) by Mark Lawrence

Grey Sister - Mark LawrenceRed Sister blew my mind, about a girl who trains to be an assassin in a convent unlike any we know. Grey Sister is the sequel to this and sees Nona in the more senior class at the convent before she leaves.  I’m really looking forward to this and seeing what happens with this girl and her classmates.

Reverie (Rock-Hard Beautiful #4) by C.M. Stunich

This book doesn’t have a cover or a release date yet, but I have been foaming at the mouth since C.M. Stunich announced it is coming. This series was originally written as a trilogy so I was settled with the fact that I wasn’t getting anymore but pretty sad as I completely loved all of the characters and feel totally connected with this rock band and the woman they are in love with. Knowing their story isn’t over yet has made me super happy, I can’t wait to see what comes next for these guys.

Inferno (Talon #5) by Julie Kagawa

Inferno - Julie KagawaI have loved this series, quite unusual as I’ve gone off YA in recent years but this one has really held my attention and the final installment is due out in April. This has been a really interesting story about dragons warring against each other while a faction of soldiers known as St George intend to wipe them all out.

Week in Review – 21 May 2017

I’ve been quite unwell this week, lots of pain and pain meds so not much happening. However, I finally got a date for my surgery which was supposed to be in February and I only have a few more weeks to wait, this should help with weeks like this so I’m actually quite looking forward to going under the knife!

The Bookshelf didn’t happen this week as I didn’t have any takers, if anybody would like to take part it’s open to Book Bloggers and Authors. As you know from the features which have already run it’s a very simple Q&A. Just drop me a line!


In honour of reaching 2,000 followers on Twitter I’m running a new Giveaway! Yay! This one is international aswell, a book to the value of £10 from Book Depository…now you know you want that one! Thank you all for your support! Now to take part you just need to RT the pinned post on Twitter. The Giveaway ends midnight 1st June!

So, onto my bookish update this week… (as always click on the covers for more info/to see the posts)

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Another good week for reviews this week, another two 5* review in here with Aven Ellis’ Save the Date and Julie Kagawa’s Legion. With all these high reviews this month I’m wondering how I will pick my book of the month!

The many colours of us Save The Date - Aven Ellis Legion - Julie Kagawa

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The Future of Sex - Aubrey Parker 


#Review: Legion by Julie Kagawa @Jkagawa @HQstories


The legions will be unleashed. No-one can stand against the coming horde.

After witnessing a powerful sacrifice, Ember Hill knows that nothing she was taught by dragon organisation Talon is true. About humans, about rogue dragons, about herself and what she’s capable of doing and feeling.

In the face of great loss, Ember vows to stand with rogue dragon Riley against The Order of St. George and against own twin brother Dante—the heir apparent Talon, who will soon unleash the greatest threat dragonkind has ever known.

Talon is poised to take over the world, and the abominations they have created will soon take to the skies, darkening the world with the promise of blood and death to those who will not yield.


It is getting hard to write these reviews now without giving anything away from previous books! So, if you haven’t made it this far in the series you can dip back to one of my earlier reviews by using the links here…

Book 1 Talon
Book 2 Rogue
Book 3 Soldier

Picking up right from where we left off at the end of Soldier, Legion is by far the darkest book so far in the Talon series. The anxiety I felt while reading this book was palpable and the feeling of having no idea which direction the book was going to go at any given time was intense.

Julie Kagawa continuously puts our daring characters in some intense and increasingly dangerous situations. As we start to uncover the real plans behind Talon, and why Ember is so important to them.

Only the first book in this series has really felt like a YA novel which has been great for me, the subsequent novels and this one especially have most definitely been urban fantasy with intense fighting and darker storylines. Our characters don’t talk or act like teenagers and I quite often forget their ages until occasionally reminded.

In this novel we are given quite a lot of background from Dante’s perspective to help us understand what happened to make him so loyal to Talon and why he turned on Ember. For me it helped a lot of puzzle pieces slot into place which have been floating around since book one so I was really grateful for the clarification.

As for Ember’s relationship with Riley and Garrett, this book is intense, and while she choose who I hoped she would she does make a decision in this book. Which I am pleased about as the whole love triangle thing was getting a bit tired.

Overall, this is by far my favourite of the series so far, probably because of it’s far more adult and brutal feel, I’m very much looking forward to the next book which I sense may be the last book in the series.

A huge thanks to Julie Kagawa and HQ for the eARC of this book in return for my honest review.


Book & Buy Links

SeriesTalon #4
Author: Julie Kagawa
Genre: Urban Fantasy | Young Adult | Romance | Dragons
Publisher: HQ
Publication Date: 25 April 2017
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: Hardcover | Paperback | Audio
Pages: 384
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Week in Review – 14 May 2017

Lovely week this week, Tuesday my walking group joined up with another for Bristol WalkFest and Mental Health Awareness Week, it was a beautiful blue sky day and it was great to see some of the guys from the other group and catch up with them (our groups occasionally join up so I know most of them already).

Also, as it was Mental Health Awareness Week, I wrote a piece for the charity I volunteer at which is up on their website. If you are interested you can read it here. The piece was also published to the Huff Post, which we were pleased about. I love volunteering with this charity which is also the charity who provide my mental health care, well for the next few weeks at least as I’m being discharged soon (eeek!) They are absolutely amazing, and unlike many of the national campaigning charities, these guys work on the frontline doing work that the NHS isn’t able to provide or has contracted out, which is why I had care from them, and I can tell you that the service they provide is a thousand times better than anything I have ever received from the NHS.

On Tuesday evening I went to see the musical Wonderland with some of my family. This is a musical retelling of Alice in Wonderland. It was a bit different from how I was expecting it to be but still very enjoyable, I was pleased that many of the songs had a more rock feel to them and that it was an original score (I have a particular dislike for musicals made up of “real” songs).

Unfortunately, during the early hours of the next morning we were woken up by someone trying to break into our flat through our bathroom window. The friend they had with them was trying to steal Hubs motorbike just outside. The bike theft is becoming a bit of an ongoing problem, Hubs had a bike stolen just before Christmas, and this is at least the fifth time we know of that the replacement one has almost been taken. Luckily Hubs woke up before the person got inside and scared them off, the police were brilliant and got here within a few minutes, had the helicopter up searching for the little buggers (I guarantee they were teenagers around here), but having heard no more they haven’t found them. We are at the point of phoning them so often that we are pretty sure we have our own personal police guard now which is why they arrived so quickly!

Ironically, we were talking only a few days ago about not feeling comfortable here anymore, partly because it’s so small (it’s the tiniest flat in the world, I swear nobody could find somewhere smaller than this) and partly because of all the crime problems we’ve had in the last six months. Then this happened, it’s like someone is telling us to get lost!

Finally, I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had taken part in the Grimbold Books podcast. It is now up on their website for all to listen to. We talked about book blogging and being a book reviewer. It was great fun, I’ve never taken part in a podcast before but would definitely do it again. I was with a group of seasoned pro’s including their other guest BookTuber Thomas Wagner from SFF180. You can listen to the Podcast here.

So, onto my bookish update this week… (as always click on the covers for more info/to see the posts)

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I’ve got one 5* review this week in Into the Hall of Vice and I took part in a Mental Health Awareness Week blog tour this week with Loving the Life Less Lived, I was honoured to be included on this tour given my connection to the subject.

Cry Wolf - Greta Stone Into the Hall of Vice - Anabelle Bryant Loving The Life Less Lived - Gail Marie Mitchell

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Vicki from Cosy Books joined me on The Bookshelf this week, if you missed it do head over and check it out. I also had a really lovely guest post from Pat Abercromby earlier in the week about writing a book from the point of view of a carer.

Just One Life - Pat Abercromby The Bloggers Bookshelf Logo


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Week in Review – 7 May 2017

This week has been a bit of a shock to the system, after several very busy weeks I got hit quite hard with a dose of mania and psychosis coming back this week. A warning shot from the bipolar that I was doing too much, and when I saw my support worker on Friday she told me as much as well, reminding me that I knew better and had to look after myself. So I’m re-evaluating what I am doing with my time, how much time I’m spending running around, volunteering, helping family etc so that I don’t end up really sick again and totally incapacitated because that’s just not good for anyone.

Friday evening saw me tootling over to Bath for the Robin Hobb event I’ve been rather excited about. It was held in Christ Church which despite my lack of religion and dislike of the uncomfortable seating was a really nice venue for this type of event. There was an hour of “in conversation” with Jane Johnson who is the Publishing Director over at Harper Voyager, she’s pretty much a legend herself given she launched the imprint and Robin Hobb, thanks Jane! It was a wonderful conversation covering Robin Hobb’s books, characters, writing processes, life, and family. There were many funny moments and many relatable moments and as someone who started reading her books right at the beginning when the first one was launched twenty years ago it made me feel nostalgic to go back to the beginning and start again, maybe I should!

At the end of the evening there was a signing and the chance to meet the lady herself, along with the fantastic jacket illustrator Jackie Morris.

Now I may have mentioned before that I have a problem with going mute when I really admire someone’s work. I used to do this a lot with bands I had to interview, and yes, it happened with Robin Hobb. In all honesty it’s a great privilege to whoever I meet if I go mute, it means I think very highly of them! I managed to squeak out a “It’s a great honour to meet you” asked to get a photo then scuttled away! Some people stood there talking for ages, I envy those people greatly! All those things I wished I could say but my voice was broken…thanks anxiety!

So, onto my bookish update this week… (as always click on the covers for more info/to see the posts)

Book of the Month

It’s time for me to announce my Book of the Month for April, I had a few in the running and I couldn’t decide between two so I’ve doubled up this month because of that.

dragon-of-ash-stars the-last-days-of-magic

The Last Days of Magic was also my most visited post during April so you guys obviously enjoyed it aswell so thanks for that!

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My no adding to the TBR fell apart this week… but I have got some brilliant new books on there!

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Holiday In the Hamptons - Sarah Morgan 


Shifter_Clans_Series_Box_Set   The Second Chance Cafe in Carlton Square - Lilly Bartlett 


There Is Always More To Say - Lynda Spiro Memortality - Stephen H. Provost HEX - Thomas Olde Heuvelt

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This week Kate Coe was featured on The Bookshelf and was the first blogger to take part. I hope you enjoyed her answers, I came out the other end with a huge list of books to go on my wish list!

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The Sims Tag

Thanks so much for Shananigans over at Reads and Reels for bringing this tag to my attention, this one looked like so much fun I just had to give it a whirl! I don’t play The Sims much anymore but I still remember when it first came out, the friends I was with at the time and how our lives got sucked into the computer quite completely! A big shout out to the YouTuber Hailey over at Hailey in Bookland who started this tag. Such a great idea!

There are no tags on this one so if you want to take part have at it!

The Original Sims: The Best Author Debut

I know, I know, I am probably being rather cliched here but this is one of the most outstanding pieces of literature I’ve ever read. It’s a deep exploration of what it’s like to deal with issues like loneliness, mental illness, and growing up. I was deeply moved by it as a teenager and always have a copy of it near to hand. Why this was J.D. Salinger’s only novel I have no idea, he had great things in him.

The Grim Reaper – The Saddest Character Death

I found this completely heartbreaking to read, even now years after reading it I can remember the choking feeling of trying to get through those final pages. And yes, the film was completely pants!

Sims Getting Stuck – A Character That Got In The Way

Talon - Julie Kagawa

Ember’s twin brother Dante is the definition of a third wheel, getting in the way, dropping her in it so she gets in trouble. So much for twins sticking together!

Simlish – A Book With Amazing Writing


I’m just finishing this up at the moment so you can expect a review shortly but I’ve bee blown away with the way this is written and the way the different source materials have been woven together to create not just a fictional story but a fantasy. Superb.

Expansion Packs – A Series Where the Books Just Keep Getting Better

I have so much love for these books, I devoured them over a seriously short space of time and I was consistently surprised not just by Jen Williams writing but by the constant character and world development right up until the final page of the final book. I was completely devastated having to say goodbye to this world and the wonderful characters and even now over a year after I finished the last one I still miss some of the characters.

Cheats – A Book That’s Completely Unrealistic

I’m not sure what I disliked most about this, Bella was just so whiney, our ‘heroes’ were pretty damn pathetic, and the Stephenie Meyer went and made vampires glittery. I mean damn! I was definitely too old and not the target market for this book, I was even less impressed with the films! I know this is supposed to be unrealistic but Meyer took it to a whole new level where I just couldn’t wait to get out of there!

Needs Fulfillment – A Character Who Makes all the Wrong Decisions

Daredevils - Shawn Vestal

I have a soft spot for characters who make bad choices, it makes them more human. In this novel Loretta is running from people who have made awful choices for her, and she’s not making the best choices herself. But you understand her reasoning and are rooting for her to get where she wants to go although there’s a part of you that wishes she could see not everyone is against her.

Error Code 12 – A Series That Gets Off To A Great Start but Goes Downhill from There

I was completely hooked on this series, I couldn’t read them quick enough when they were released, but as I got further through I just wasn’t feeling the excitement from the author anymore, and I know you know what I mean! It’s reached the point I have the last two left to go and I just have no motivation to pick them up.

Sims Vortex – A Book Or Series That Completely Engrossed You

I started the Shannara novels about 25 years ago in my teens, there are so many branches of the novels now that I still haven’t read them all so I ocassionaly pick a new one up and dive back into this wonderful world that Terry Brooks has created. It’s like a safe place for me.

If you decide to take part I hope you have fun, it’s been great digging through my brain thinking of books to fill in the answers with!

Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge 2017

So, I came across the Flights of Fantasy reading challenge and thought this was another challenge that would be great to get my teeth into this year. To ensure I stick with reading some books off of my massive TBR and give myself some time with my favourite genre and don’t get too bogged down with ARC’s, which as we know, can happen!

What is it?

This is a challenge which is organised by Alexa Loves Books and Hello, Chelly. You set your own reading target but they also run giveaways and a kind of reading club within the challenge so I will certainly try and read some of the books I’ve not already read within those aswell, some of the books they have listed are on my TBR so it shouldn’t be too hard!

I will keep a list here of the Fantasy books I read throughout the year, with a link to my reviews, as I am doing with the Discoverability Challenge, and I will aim for half of my Goodreads Challenge Target of 100 to be fantasy, so 50 books!

Good luck to anybody else who is taking part!

  1. Fantastic Creatures – Fellowship of Fantasy
  2. Cruel Crown – Victoria Aveyard
  3. Runemarks – Joanne M Harris
  4. The Ninth Rain – Jen Williams
  5. The Art of Forgetting: Rider – Joanne Hall
  6. Seasons Within – Lele Iturrioz
  7. A Facet for the Gem – C. L. Murray
  8. Written in Red – Anne Bishop (Flights of Fantasy Book Club)
  9. Dark Promise – Nikki Landis
  10. Angelbound – Christina Bauer
  11. Siren’s Fury – Mary Weber
  12. Curse of Stars – Donna Compositor
  13. Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman
  14. Celtic Fire – Liz Gavin
  15. When the Floods Came – Clare Morrall
  16. Reborn – Jane Ederlyn
  17. The Last Days of Magic – Mark Tompkins
  18. Saving Mercy – Abbie Roads
  19. Dragon of Ash & Stars: The Autobiography of a Night Dragon – H. Leighton Dickson
  20. Strange the Dreamer – Laini Taylor
  21. The Unlikeable Demon Hunter – Deborah Wilde
  22. The Dragon’s Legacy – Deborah A. Wolf
  23. Memortality – Stephen H. Provost
  24. Cry Wolf – Greta Stone
  25. Legion – Julie Kagawa
  26. Red Sister – Mark Lawrence
  27. Mother of Wolves – J. Aislynn d’Merricksson
  28. Skullsworn – Brain Staveley
  29. Alphabet of Thorn – Patricia A. McKillip (Flights of Fantasy Book Club)
  30. Shifter Clan Series – Tiffany Shand
  31. The Lost Sentinel – Suzanne Rogerson
  32. Nightseer – Laurell K Hamilton
  33. Fallen From Grace – Nikki Landis
  34. Godblind – Anna Stephens
  35. A Gathering of Ravens – Scott Oden
  36. The Gunslinger – Stephen King
  37. Wyvern Awakening – Joanna Mazurkiewicz
  38. Seduced By Moonlight – Laurell K Hamilton
  39. Pack Ebon Red – C.M. Stunich
  40. Made In The Image Of The Goddess – Chantelle Griffin
  41. Blackwing – Ed McDonald
  42. The Last Dragon Rider – Errin Krystal
  43. The Final Empire – Brandon Sanderson
  44. Darkfever – Karen Marie Moning
  45. Tipping Point – Terry Tyler
  46. The Dragon in the Garden – Erika Gardner
  47. Spring – Lele Iturrioz
  48. Raising Fire – James Bennett
  49. Firestorm – Rachel Caine
  50. Branded – Keary Taylor
  51. Damned – Alexandra Weis & Lucas Astor
  52. Elements of Mischief – C.M. Stunich & Tate James
  53. Seventh Decimate – Stephen Donaldson
  54. The Year of the Knife – G.D. Penman
  55. The Man in the High Castle – Philip K Dick
  56. Split Feather – Deborah A. Wolf
  57. The Vixen’s Lead – Tate James
  58. The Well of Ascension – Brandon Sanderson
  59. Dungari Rise – Nikki Landis
  60. The Dark Highlander – Karen Marie Moning
  61. Pack Violet Shadow – C.M. Sunich
  62. Full Moon Rising – Keri Arthur
  63. The Bitter Twins – Jen Williams
  64. Elements of Ruin – C.M. Stunich & Tate James
  65. Allison’s Adventure’s in Underland – C.M. Stunich
  66. Lindisfarne – Terry Tyler
  67. The Dragon’s Wing – Tate James
  68. Patient Zero – Terry Tyler
  69. Fractured – Nikki Landis
  70. Arcanum Unbounded – Brandon Sanderson
  71. The Tiger’s Ambush – Tate James