Week in Review – 14 January 2018

Welcome to another week in review. Honestly, I have no idea where this week has gone, I have been so busy, and there hasn’t been much time for reading or blogging!

I managed to do some damage to my legs with all the exercise I’ve been doing (oops!) My quads are in a bit of a state so I’m having to be quite careful at the moment and rest a lot more than I want to.

I took on some admin on a voluntary basis for the walking group but starting to look into it this week it’s an absolute mess, so will require a lot more input than I had committed to…not amused.

I’ve got a few things going on/on the back burner I can’t talk about just yet but as soon as I can I definitely will because they are really exciting/interesting.

I’m working on a really interesting marketing plan for a freelance client, it’s going to take me a few weeks to pull the first draft together but I’m digging up some really interesting information for it.

I’ve been beta reading this week so books aren’t showing on my reading list below but they have been read. I’ve been reading for two different authors. Both authors I’ve read for before and know what they want in terms of how I feedback. I also have another beta read coming soon so will be making space for that as soon as it lands. I’ve just jumped back into reading for some tours I have coming up so will be doing that for the next few days.

Happy Sunday everyone and here is my summary…

Currently Reading

What I’ve Read

New Books

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This week I have reviewed:

Five Star: Hard Rock Roots Box Set by C.M. Stunich
Four Star: Surviving the Rachel by Aven Ellis, and Fractured by Nikki Landis.
Three Star: Air Guitar and Caviar by Jackie Ladbury

Other Posts

Skid Row were featured onĀ Music Monday this week. I took part in the cover reveal for The Magic of Stars by Jackie Ladbury. Alice Castle stopped by for The Bookshelf this week.

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