Blogiversary Giveaway – £10/$15 Amazon Gift Voucher – International

Today is one year since I wrote my first book review! Since that first review was written I’ve separated the book blogging out onto it’s own blog, away from my personal blog to give it it’s own platform which is really successful and makes the books stand out far more. I’ve also honed my reviewing skills and become far more confident.

I was used to critiquing music and switching my skills to books took a bit of practice, it is one thing to know how to write, studied grammar and writing styles, to have written and read professionally, and to have read constantly your entire life, and to start critiquing people’s work and I spent a long time writing my own guidelines for what I needed to look for structurally and editorially, as well as what would need to stand out for me on a personal level in terms of what I like.

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