Week in Review – 23 July 2017

It seems you all really liked my new feature Marketing Monday, my stats which I don’t often look at but I couldn’t miss them for this, went through the roof for this post! I’m so pleased as I really agonised about creating this feature. I wasn’t sure if I would come across as a bit pompous! The feedback in the comments and the fact the stats were, well, awesome shows me I’m on the right track. I’ll start planning next month’s post for you and hopefully you’ll like it just as much!

You’ll be pleased to know that I made it to both fitness classes this week! hooray! I can’t walk now though I think I’ve pulled a few muscles but no pain no gain right?! haha!

I should also let you know that you picked The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson as my TBR Topple read this month! I’m really looking forward to diving in so look out for the review early next month!

Aaaand, Here is my bookish update for this week…

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My most recent reviews are: Worth Remembering, Thrust, Learning to Fly, and Ellie’s Encounter.

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This week I launched my new monthly feature Marketing Monday. I had an author interview on the blog tour for Taking Chances. A Spotlight for The Redcliff Novels Series. An excerpt on the book blitz for Addicted to Love. And Annabelle Anders a debut author this week came to visit for The Bookshelf this week.

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#BookBlitz: Worth Remembering by Holly James @HJamesAuthor @lolasblogtours #Review

I’m so pleased to be bringing this blitz to you today, I think this may be the first book blitz where I got to review the book, so that’s pretty cool! Thanks to Lola’s Blog Tours for hosting this and head over to Must Read Faster to check out an Excerpt today.


Running into her head-over-heels first love during a week’s holiday in Mallorca with her spirited friend Lou was not what Samantha Hillcrest had planned. When sparks fly on the idyllic Mediterranean island she wonders how she’ll be able to return home to her husband and grown-up children, pretending her life hasn’t been turned upside down. Caught between family commitments and the red-hot, sizzling chemistry she shares with Gabriel—her love from twenty-five years ago—Samantha faces an impossibly heart-breaking choice.

A stand-alone novel, Worth Remembering is the first story in the English Rose series which follows a group of authentic English women on their complicated romantic journeys.

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Samantha is off on holiday with her divorcee friend Lou, off to Mallorca for a week in the sun. She never in a million years expects to run into her first love, the man she fell in love with while she was a holiday rep on the island twenty-five years ago but of course she does, and so a complicated story begins as those old feelings and passions surface between them and she has to decide if her life with her Husband and grown children in England is worth fighting for.

This was such a beautifully written book, whilst you want the beautiful romance there is this shadow looming over the situation in the form of Samantha’s marriage and nobody likes a cheater, especially in book land where we like everything to be nice and pretty. Samantha’s marriage was complicated, and messy and it was clearly not a happy one, yet Samantha was obviously determined to move on from Gabriel and make this marriage work. It was hard to read and whilst I wouldn’t condone running away from a marriage WHY on earth would someone suffer so much loneliness and sadness for the sake of normality?

Her children were lovely and as the book progressed especially towards the end we really see them shine, and see just how wonderful and supportive they are. Her Husband though, what a dilbert, taking Samantha for granted and just not appreciating what was in front of him at all.

I adored Gabriel, he knew what he wanted and he stayed out of the way to give Samantha time but was also not willing to stay gone making sure he reappeared and gave chase, he was very romantic and having lost her once all those years ago he couldn’t bear to lose her again.

Samantha spends much of her time mistaking what she thinks she should do with what she wants, I think it’s probably a mistake lots of us make in life but it was so clear it was what she was doing here and I so wanted her to find her happy.

Overall I loved this book, I felt such an affinity with Samantha, maybe it’s the ex-holiday rep in me, but I just loved her story and her journey so much.

Sending a huge thanks to Holly James and Lola’s Blog Tours for the eARC so that I could read and honestly review this novel.


About Holly James

Holly James was born and raised with her three siblings in Norfolk, England. She packed her bags at eighteen to spend the next four years at university. She lived in Newcastle, Birmingham, London, France, and Spain before settling in beautiful New Zealand. Her daily loves are good coffee, writing, her children, and her husband—the order depending on what kind of day she’s having.

All Holly’s books are stand-alones with no cliffhangers. To be notified of new releases subscribe to her mailing list at http://www.hollyjamesauthor.co.uk


Book & Buy Links

TitleWorth Remembering
SeriesEnglish Rose #1
Author: Holly James
Genre: Romance | Chick-Lit | Contemporary Romance
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 4 June 2017
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: Paperback
Pages: 182
Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US

Week in Review – 16 July 2017

Another week has gone by, how is this year flying by so quickly? Wow!

So this week I got roped into joining a couple of fitness classes with my good friend Jen! She is super fit already being an archaeologist who spends all her time working outside digging in trenches! Despite my massive weight-loss and regular exercise routine I am not fit, not even close, and after going to the first one which was like a military exercise I bowed out of the second on Thursday as I literally couldn’t lift my arms!

I mentioned a while back I’m writing a book about my experiences with mental health, I’ve had a really good author friend beta read the first six chapters of the book to help me gauge how it is coming together and had fantastic feedback which has really given me a boost for continuing to write! Thank you my lovely friend for taking on that challenge with my completely unedited rambling!

I also got invited to interview for a role working in a mental health support role I really wanted. I honestly thought they would laugh at my application so whatever happens just getting an interview is awesome.

I also had an unusual day out this week. I was invited to spend a day at the offices of OVO along with a few other customers. If you aren’t familiar with OVO, they are one of the smaller energy suppliers, so being invited to the offices of an energy supplier isn’t exactly your run of the mill day. I switched to them away from EDF four years ago, and I chose them not just for their 100% green tariff’s but because they had really good social responsibility policies. What going to their offices has shown me is that they actually live and breathe their policy. In my entire adult life I’ve never been in an office where people are so laid back, and happy, even their call centre staff were relaxed and visibly enjoying their jobs. Which actually explains why when I phone them I actually get answers and someone being nice on the phone! I’ve always been a huge advocate of theirs but now I’ve seen them up close I’m an even bigger fan.

Finally, I launched a new feature over on the mental health blog yesterday if you are interested, it’s called Boxed Up and it’s highlighting Subscription Boxes. The first one I have is Literary Vacation Club (hence highlighting it here) which is centred around reading!

Aaaand, Here is my bookish update for this week…

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My most recent reviews are: Wyvern Awakening, Diving Deep, Seduced by Moonlight, Pack Ebon Red, Lost and Found Sisters and Marry Me At Willoughby Close.

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This week I had book blitzes for The Rainbow Player, R&R Launch Party, and Clearing the Ice. Plus a Content blog tour for Starshine.

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