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#BlogTour: The Last Dragon Rider by Errin Krystal @ErrinKrystal @shanannigans81 #Review #Giveaway

The Last Dragon Rider - Errin Krystal

I’m so pleased to be part of this blog tour, I’ve been reading Errin Krystal’s blog for some time and seeing her process as she develops these characters and knowing I wanted to read her book as soon as possible so being able to read an advanced copy for the tour was pretty exciting, not to mention it met all

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#Review: Nightseer by Laurell K. Hamilton @LKHamilton @AceRocBooks

Nightseer - Laurell K. Hamilton

Description Keleios was a child when her mother, Elwine the Gentle, was slain by the malevolent witch Harque. Now Keleios’s prayers of avenging her death have finally been answered: she has been granted powers beyond anything she has ever known. But she has also acquired something else–the demonmark. As magical as it is terrifying, the demonmark can open the door

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#Review: Dragon of Ash & Stars: The Autobiography of a Night Dragon by H. Leighton Dickson @hdickson62


Description Stormfall is a dragon born with a coat the colour of a starry night. When a violent storm strikes his island aerie, he is carried on hurricane winds into the complicated and sometimes cruel world of men. There, his journey takes him from fisher dragon to farmer, pit-fighting dragon to warrior, each step leading him closer to a remarkable

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Blog Tour: Review: Alora’s Tear: Fragments by Nathan Barham @natebarham @NeverlandBT


Welcome to my stop on the Alora’s Tear: Fragments Blog Tour, written by Nathan Barham this is the first book in a trilogy, and if you are eager the whole trilogy is available with book two The Elf and the Arrow, and book three The Voice like Water also on sale. Description: There is no magic in the kingdom of Vladvir… Tucked away in

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