#Review: Seventh Decimate by Stephen Donaldson @Gollancz

Seventh Decimate - Stephen R Donaldson

Description The war between Amika and Belleger has raged for generations. Its roots lie in the distant past, beyond memory. Sorcerers from both sides rain destruction down on the battlefield, wielding the six deadly Decimates of fire, earth, wind, water, lightning, and pestilence. Prince Bifalt hopes that Belleger's new weapons technology, the rifle, will provide … Continue reading #Review: Seventh Decimate by Stephen Donaldson @Gollancz


BrizzleLass Does GollanczFest 2017 #GollanczFest @Gollancz

Considering I was in London last week for ComicCon, I must have lost my mind when I booked tickets for GollanczFest, crawling out of bed at 6am to get myself ready... i.e. to not look like the zombie I emerged from bed as was not fun. I don't do early mornings, never have, never will. … Continue reading BrizzleLass Does GollanczFest 2017 #GollanczFest @Gollancz

#Review The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson @BrandSanderson @Gollancz

The Final Empire - Brandon Sanderson

A huge thanks to my blog readers who chose this book as my TBR Topple choice for July, apologies for the delay in getting the review up, I'm really behind with reviews at the moment, as you can tell! Remember, you can still vote for the TBR Topple book I read this month here! Description … Continue reading #Review The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson @BrandSanderson @Gollancz

#BlogTour: Blackwing by Ed McDonald @EdMcDonaldTFK @gollancz #Review #Blackwing

Blackwing - Ed McDonald

Oh I am so pleased to be a part of this tour. There are some damn good bloggers I really respect on this one, however, when I finished the book knowing I had to write this review my initial reaction was quite simply "Oh Fuck" because I just had no idea how I was going … Continue reading #BlogTour: Blackwing by Ed McDonald @EdMcDonaldTFK @gollancz #Review #Blackwing

#Review: Runemarks by Joanne M. Harris @Joannechocolat @Gollancz


Description It's been five hundred years since the end of the world and society has rebuilt itself anew. The old Norse gods are no longer revered. Their tales have been banned. Magic is outlawed, and a new religion - the Order - has taken its place. In a remote valley in the north, fourteen-year-old Maddy … Continue reading #Review: Runemarks by Joanne M. Harris @Joannechocolat @Gollancz