Week in Review – 23 April 2017

It’s been a funny old week this week. I had a book that I’d been chomping at the bit to read that I had to admit defeat on just past the halfway mark. I will write a brief review on it next week as I did make it far enough to form some valid opinions and it only seems fair, but I was genuinely gutted to be making the decision to walk away from it.

I’ve been really busy with my volunteering, I’ve done two whole days this week which has wiped me out, I’m not used to that anymore (I know, I know, most people work full time but I’ve been out of commission for three years!), I’ll hopefully be doing more of this kind of thing as I build up towards working again (yay!) so fingers crossed the old bipolar cooperates!

I won a couple more giveaways, I don’t have all the books yet so they aren’t all on here but I’m not sure where all this luck is coming from lately! Speaking of Giveaways my blogiversary giveaways are still open and I’m running one in conjunction with Sybil Bartel at the moment to win a copy of her book Thrust, the links are in the Giveaways section below.

I also have spaces throughout May for people to take part in my The Bookshelf feature. It’s open to Bloggers and Authors so if you fancy it drop me a line via the form over on this page and I can send you the questions! It’s a great bit of fun and I would love to get more Bloggers involved.

So, onto my update this week… (as always click on the covers for more info/to see the posts)

Currently Reading

There Is Always More To Say - Lynda Spiro

What I’ve Read

the-unlikeable-demon-hunter-deborah-wilde    The Dragon's Legacy - Deborah A. Wolf  The Darkness of Love - Catherine Green 

New Books

This week I picked up a novella I’ve been hearing loads about The Old Man At The End of the World, hopefully I will have some time to read it soon, it sounds a hoot. I also won a historical novel which sounds a lovely read at a giveaway run by the lovely Danielle at Books Vertigo and Tea. I don’t read much historical fiction anymore but this one really stands out for me so I’m looking forward to giving it a go.

Bought / Freebies


Giveaway Wins

Book Post

Shattered Minds - Laura Lam


The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters - Jaimie Admans   Save The Date - Aven Ellis


 Rough - Sybil Bartel  Then. Now. Always - Isabelle Broom

Other Posts

I had a lovely guest post from dual-timeline novelist Kathleen McGurl this week,

  The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters - Jaimie Admans Fractured Silence - Carrie Ann Ryan Legacy of the Mind - H.R. Moore  the-authors-bookshelf-logo


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#BlogTour: Grim Remains by Eli Celata @Celata_E @UFBooks #GuestPost

I’m so pleased to welcome Eli Celata to my blog today, she has written a post about worldbuilding for us today as part of the blog tour for Grim Remains which is book two in the Warlock of Rochester Series, you can grab book one, High Summons, here.


Sometimes the fairy tale’s end is just the Grimm beginning.

Mammon’s summoning turned Rochester into a beacon for the denizens of Hell. As demon activity increases, Jon settles in for a new academic year, and Jordan moves in as the city’s protector. Unfortunately, the young warlock of Rochester might not be around long if the Devil’s marine legion has a say. Havfine, demonic mermaids, don’t often leave deep lakes and ocean waters. They’re better known for drowning mortal sailors than hunting magic users, but something has sent them upstream from Lake Ontario. When three orphans vanish from a magical sanctuary in Toronto, their caretaker – the Wizard Monday – dredges up a part of Jordan’s and Jon’s father’s history that Jordan would have rather forgotten. In this race against the Bane of Hamelin, more than three souls may be on the line.

Grimm Remains - Tour Banner

Guest Post

World building isn’t a one-size fit all. Of course, fictional characters are – in themselves – a sectionalized perspective of a world. Sometimes towns are formed. Maybe even an entire country. Alternative historical facts for historical fiction where people are reinvented. Romances and supposition abound!

For me, I generally like the world changing, not the people. I also like to start out in a “real” moment. If I can set my readers into a nice contemporary time with a seemingly normal narrator, I’m pretty happy. Of course, with both HIGH SUMMONS, its sequel, GRIMM REMAINS, and my upcoming paranormal romance, there’s some pretty overt tells that this is a fantasy.

I’ve tried to go the whole Tolkein route. I’ve made a language. There’re four books in it, and somehow, creating a world that intimately has gotten too personal, which is rather counterproductive for an author.

Really, my best world-building moments stem off odd dreams and forcing myself to ask – “What if?” even to the most absurd lengths. Of course, there hasn’t to be a flow of logic for me. If one new modification doesn’t build off the first, it’s just a random hotpot of shit. It’s problematic as a serious tone in a nonsensical novel is really hit or miss.

In the end, writing is subjective. Build a world that you want to explore, and there’s a good chance others will want to be there too.

Good Luck.

About Eli Celata

Eli Celata was born in Rochester and is currently attending Binghamton University as a doctoral student.


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Publication Date: 17 April 2017
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