#Review: The Guardian by Nikki Landis @landisnikkiauth


Rhiannon has been hidden most of her life and protected from the terrible tragedy that stole her parent’s lives when she was only a child. Raised in a normal human society, she thinks her life will never change. And then strange things start happening, and someone or something seems to be watching her every move…

Fate has a way of intervening when she is confronted by true evil, her existence threatened by an entirely new and foreign entity, one that is as mysterious as the man who suddenly enters her life. A stranger that makes her question her reality and an unimaginable fate she is destined to follow, Kellen’s motives are as strange as his appearance.

Now Rhiannon must seek the truth as a dark and deadly enemy pursues hunting her, but the only protection she has is….The GuardianCan she trust in Kellen when her life is on the line?

Is the Light strong enough to defeat the Darkness, even if it seeks your soul? 


Nikki Landis is a sure thing for me these days, I don’t need to read a description or think twice about picking up one of her books. But I am behind on her earlier works and this is something I’m keen to rectify. So when she offered me the chance to read her first paranormal romance series I jumped at the chance.

I had had The Guardian on my Kindle for a really long time…long enough that the version I had was out of date (oops) Nikki had since updated it with new content so that it was a longer book, she very kindly sent me the newer version so that I didn’t have to buy it again.

The Guardian is about Rhiannon, the chosen one, brought up in the human world and unaware of her destiny or her supernatural heritage. Kellen is The Guardian sent to protect her and help her adjust as she comes into her powers and learns what she is destined for.

I can’t compare this to other Nikki Landis books I’ve read because it’s clear that as a writer she’s moved into different territory than where she started. This book was a YA paranormal romance, with no sex and very morally astute characters…which I guess fits with their angelic ties.

This was far more slow burn even at YA standards than I prefer, but that’s not a bad thing I’m just a fiend who likes a lot of action in my romance novels!

The paranormal aspects are fantastic, I love how the story is carefully built up and not too much is introduced but just enough to get you engaged and interested in what is happening. I’m keen to know where this is going in the coming books.

Rhiannon was a little too likeable for me, I know I know how can someone be too likeable. Remember I like bad girls, I like my leading ladies to have a pair of balls on them. Rhiannon was too easily appeased there were several moments through the book where she should have been throwing plates and spitting venom and she just calmly understood, seeing the bigger picture. Nah, sorry, but I like a few venomous fights! I felt by the end of the book she was starting to find a little more grit so I think as the series continues this is an aspect of her character she will grow into and I will feel less frustrated by.

Kellen is a little sappy for a bit strong years old Guardian warrior. He really does act like a 15-year-old who has never seen a pretty girl before. I would have preferred him to be a little more alpha. But I did like him, and I loved his story and feel like there is a lot more to his story that we have yet to learn. I’m also looking forward to seeing him kick some more demon backside.

It is also in this book that we get our first glimpse of one of my favourite of Nikki’s characters Jarrod (assuming you are reading in the right order unlike me)…it’s a bit part but I have a big thing for Jarrod and was so happy to see him appear in a few scenes.

Overall, a solid YA Paranormal Romance which I think will graduate into NA as the series progresses. I am thoroughly looking forward to getting my teeth into books 2,3,4 etc because I can see this is going to be a series I’m going to be completely invested in.

Thanks to Nikki Landis for gifting me the newer version of this book so that I could read it and provide my honest review.


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TitleThe Guardian
Series: Fight for Light #1
Author: Nikki Landis
Genre: Romance | Young Adult | Paranormal Romance | Magic | Angels & Demons
Publisher: Dark Arrow Publishing
Publication Date: 7 May 2017
Review Format: eBook
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Pages: 249
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#Review: Fallen From Grace by Nikki Landis @landisnikkiauth

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One dark angel, a human girl, and an eternal battle over the soul… A tale of dark fantasy and forbidden romance, what if the sacrifice required to save the one you love is too great to give? He’s a dark Angel sworn to protect and defend, forbidden to touch the only temptation he’s had in centuries. She’s a human girl whose light and pure soul has become a target for the forces of darkness. They must fight a battle not only for her soul but of the heart, but can she be saved in time?


I’m quickly becoming a big fan of Nikki Landis, Fallen From Grace has been part of the latest Kindle Scout campaign and I was lucky enough to have Nikki ask if I wanted to read it while the campaign was running…I wasn’t going to say no.

In Fallen From Grace we meet Emily, just as she’s about to die in a car accident something saves her, an angel, Bash. The love between them is instant (insta love is kind of Nikki Landis’ thing but she does it so well you don’t question it so if you normally find it awkward I urge you to give her books a go anyway). And so comes the dilemma, how do an angel and a human find a way to be together when it’s expressly forbidden by God?

Add to the mix the utterly adorable Jarrod, Emily’s long time partner and fiance and things are just completely complicated.

This book just kept tearing my heart out. I didn’t know which direction it was going, which direction I wanted it to go and how I felt at the end, other than completely exhausted and emotionally drained. I will say Jarrod was my favourite character by a mile. I loved him so much and I wanted to just grab him and save him from the hurt he kept being inflicted with. Just writing this a week after reading the book is bringing tears to my eyes again. The man was a saint, forget the angel Jarrod was something else entirely.

Bash loved with his whole heart, he was completely consumed by his love and that led him to make some decisions which I felt were quite questionable. But I think we can all agree love does that to a person, addles the brain and all! I didn’t always feel he was a pleasant character but maybe that was the centuries of being an angel fighting wars.

Emily was very naive I think she went along with a lot of things for the sake of it. I certainly got the impression she hadn’t wanted her relationship with Jarrod for a long time but had just gone along with it because it was easier than breaking it off (I really hate when people do that especially to amazing men like that). She shows a lot of strength and gumption towards the end of the book and I really admired that, as though she had come out of her shell and woken up developing into who she needed to be.

Overall, I got really consumed by this book, so much happening and characters you can really get attached to. I can see it doing really well once it goes on sale.

A huge thanks to Nikki Landis for sending me the eARC so that I could read and honestly review this book.



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TitleFallen From Grace
Series: Fight For Light Crossover #1
Author: Nikki Landis Facebook Amazon
Genre: Paranormal Romance | Supernatural | Angels & Demons
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: TBA
Review Format: eBook
Other FormatsN/A
Pages: TBA
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