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Unsung Heroes – Jenny from Neverland Blog Tours @NeverlandBT @jennymarston_xo

Here we are! I think I first mentioned about two weeks ago that I had a new feature in the works after Getting Cozy With… fell through (gutted). I wanted to continue doing something interesting and different and then Unsung Heroes came to me.

In the world of books there are so many people that ensure a book is successful in their own small (or even big) way that get overlooked in most cases. So I wanted to shine the light on those people, if only for a short time and celebrate the work they do. From Editors to Cover Designer to Photographers to PAs, there are a whole slew of people working to ensure a book is successful and I’m hoping to speak with a variety of them about what they do and why they do it.

First up is Jenny from Neverland Blog Tours. I don’t think many people in the UK book blogging community don’t know Jenny, she’s a prominent figure as a blogger herself and her blog tours are meticulously planned and she gets some of the nicest authors sign up with her. She is one of only two hosts I regularly work with now since I’ve cut back on tours because of how organised and easy to work with she is.

I put together a Q&A for Jenny and her answers are wonderful. I hope you enjoy them.

Unsung Heroes

Jenny Marston of Neverland Blog Tours

Tell us a bit about Jenny

Hello! I’m Jenny, I’m a blogger and book tour co-ordinator from Essex. I love reading (obviously!), Formula 1, Disney, food, animals, Yoga – all that good stuff!

Tell us what being Blog Tour Host entails

An author will approach me asking me to arrange a blog tour for them. Together, we’ll work out which type / length tour will suit best and from then it’s all down to me to get bloggers involved, get a schedule together, send review copies out and ensure the tour runs smoothly!

How many tours do you have on the go at one time normally?

Full length tours (as in 1 or 2 weeks), I only ever have 1 running at a time because I like to keep all the attention on one book (plus, I’m only one person and I don’t think I could keep up with running more than one). However, I do run smaller weekend tours which obviously overlap occasionally.

How did you first become a Blog Tour Host?

I first set up my business in 2014 – I was aware of a few other companies but at that point, there wasn’t too many. I originally started with just a Fantasy & sub-genres tour company, so I could cater for authors under that genre where there seemed to be a bit of a gap in the market. However since then I’ve obviously branched out to almost any genre.

What is your favourite part of being a Blog Tour Host?

Getting great feedback from authors and seeing them happy with the reviews they receive. It’s always lovely to see!

Is there anything about it you don’t enjoy as much?

Ummm.. little things like scheduling tweets which can just be incredibly boring! (Although I schedule a lot of tweets for my blog as well so I do it a lot, no wonder it’s boring!) I also get a bit disheartened when an author doesn’t get involved in their own tour e.g no post shares, not thanking the reviewers etc.

How do you manage last minute issues, someone not liking a book/dropping out of a tour etc?

Ugh, it’s annoying but unfortunately it happens! If the blogger can’t review for whatever reason then usually I can find a piece of content for them to post instead (like an excerpt of the book) – just so we’re not missing a stop. But if it’s super last minute – like on THE DAY – then unfortunately there’s not an awful lot I can do about it.

How do you keep track of everything you need to do?

I have a dedicated blog tour notebook where I write down all my tours, who’s taking part and what they’re posting etc. I also cross reference that with the calender on my laptop. I try and get things done well in advance so I don’t get in a pickle. I’m a very organised person so thankfully, that’s never been an issue for me.

Talk us through a day in the life of Neverland Blog Tours.

Oh well obviously it depends if there’s a tour running at the time or not. If there is, of course I’ll be sharing posts on social media, probably scheduling some tweets for the follow day (ugh!) and making sure the bloggers are posting on their day. If there’s anything else that needs sorting out for another tour, I’ll tend to be sending emails, getting together media kits, creating graphics etc. It very much overlaps with my daily blogging life as well. No two days are the same really so that’s hard to answer!

What is the first book that made you cry?

Sheltie the Shetland Pony when her dad wouldn’t be home in time for Christmas. I have no idea why I liked those books so much when I was a kid – I don’t even like horses!

What is the one book that you would recommend to everybody?

The Book Thief. It’s my all-time favourite book. I can’t start talking about how much I love it because I’ll be here all day and probably start crying haha!

Tell us about the blog tours you have coming up?

Oooh okay well at the time of writing I have The Little Wedding Island by Jaimie Admans running which is going really well. I love Jaimie – I’ve known her since I started blogging more or less (we also have exactly the same tattoo!) so I love to see her succeed. Next up is A Mother’s Sacrifice by Gemma Metcalfe. This is my second time working with Gemma, her last tour went really well so I have no doubt this one will as well! I’m booked up till more or less the end of June but after that, I’m available!

Do you want to share any links promo material with us about Neverland Blog Tours?

Course, here they are!




Thanks so much for being our first participant Jenny. Bloggers if you aren’t signed up with Jenny for blog tours yet I highly recommend her. You can sign up here.

Are you an Unsung Hero? I’d love to hear from you so that I can show the world what you do and how you do it. There is a sign-up form on this page.

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7 thoughts on “Unsung Heroes – Jenny from Neverland Blog Tours @NeverlandBT @jennymarston_xo”

  1. Great idea for a feature, Claire, and this is interesting – I’ve looked at all the details and love those banners. Something to bear in mind ~ maybe for the book after next, a psycholgical family type drama, which seems more suited to Jenny’s contacts than what I’m writing at the moment.

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    1. Jenny is fantastic at this so yes definitely someone to keep in mind. She is one of two tour hosts i work with regularly. There are so many even as a blogger i have to be picky!


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