#Review: The Tiger’s Ambush by Tate James @TateJamesAuthor

The Tiger's Ambush - Tate James

If you missed my review of the first two books in this series then you can check them out by following the link below.

Book One – The Vixen’s Lead
Book Two – The Dragon’s Wing


My quest for answers is what’s led me here. Here, to the edge of civilization where shifters are free from persecution and able to live in peace. Or, at least they were until I arrived. In the aftermath of the trouble I brought, one man holds the answers I seek so desperately.

Whether he will part with his secrets, that’s another matter.

This world is not what I always thought it to be and someone is doing their best to kill us all; when accidents continue to happen I must consider the possibility that someone I love is setting me up. With the fate of the world at stake, I must face the demons of my past or risk being consumed by them. But this time, I’m not alone.

I’m Kit Davenport and this is going to leave a mark.


Tate James what are you doing to me woman?! This book was my last read of 2017 and continues the Kit Davenport series with some serious drama. We have horrendous attacks, kidnappings, and suspected betrayal as Kit uncovers more information about who she is and where she comes from.

Then there is her relationship with the guys, which just gets, well, hotter and more frustrating. She’s got the guys she’s attached to already, completely all-in with them. Then there’s poor Wes who doesn’t seem to have any luck when it comes to Kit, but she wants him…she wants him bad.

My favourites though, Austin, moody, grumpy, full of attitude Austin. Yeah we get much more of him in this book and all I can do is thank Tate for that because he is just a pleasure to read, a real pleasure…I like him in case you missed that!

My other favourite is, Vali, the bad boy mob boss dragon shifter who just has everything I look for in an alpha when I’m reading and although there wasn’t much of him in this book where he appeared was perfection.

Finally, the ending! OMG! Tate James is masterful at her cliffhangers…I’m just dangling here…just friggin dangling.


Book & Buy Links

TitleThe Tiger’s Ambush
Series: Kit Davenport #2
AuthorTate James
Genre: Romance | Paranormal Romance | Romantic Suspense | Reverse Harem | New Adult | Dragons | Magic
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 29 December 2017
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: Paperback
Pages: 297
Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US


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