Week in Review – 17 December 2017

I started writing another book this week, I’ve lost my mind! I had this idea for a paranormal reverse harem story that was literally drilling its way through my head, and although I need to do edits on book two I put them aside to get this story out of my head because I think it was going to send me around the bend if I didn’t. I’m starting to think I might self-publish my books, by end of January I will have three books written and will probably be on my fourth so I may as well put them out there. A good friend I’ve worked with on a number of projects is also an editor and she is going to edit my first book for me in return for me doing some marketing work for her so that’s worked out superbly.

I’ve finally changed my hair colour, it was time to be a bit daring and go for something a bit different, I’m not sure how long it will last, every time I change my hair colour it always creeps back to red but the purple makes a nice change, especially at a time when so many people seem to be adopting red!

Friday night I went out with the girls from my fitness classes, I’ve never really been a girly girl and I’ve never really gone on girls nights out, but I love these ladies. They are a blast and I have such a good time with them. Our ages and interests vary but our common interest in working out bonds us. We had such a great time and the conversation was hilarious and definitely not repeatable! Our trainer also gave us awards and mine was for “most determined” which I was very pleased with given I work my backside off even if my body isn’t always on the same page!

I’ve also had some potentially great news on the job hunt front. I’m not saying any more at this point in case I jinx myself but I will keep you posted as I hear more, probably post-Christmas.

Here are this week’s book updates:

Currently Reading

What I’ve Read

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This week I have reviewed:

Five Star: The Vixen’s Lead by Tate James, Dungari Rising by Nikki Landis, and Pack Violet Shadow by C.M. Stunich.
Four Star: Changing His Game by Justine Elvira, Split Feather by Deborah A. Wolf, Talon by Sybil Bartel, and True Horizon by Laurie Winter.
Three Star: The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning.
Two Star: You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi McFarlane.

Other Posts

Music Monday this week featured Five Finger Death Punch. The Bookshelf this week featured one of my favourite authors C.M. Stunich, this is a fantastic post and is one not to be missed.

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    1. Yes, it worked out really well, editors are so expensive when you are starting out and have no money so a skills exchange was the perfect answer. I know I can’t believe I’ve written so much, of course I don’t know if it’s any good yet! And thank you the purple is starting to grow on me more now!


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