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Hi Guys, welcome back to The Bookshelf. Each week I feature an author or book blogger and talk about their bookshelf with them. It’s a light-hearted, book focused, Q&A.

This week I have another of my favourite bloggers stopping by, Mischenko from Read Rant Rock & Roll. Mischenko runs a lovely blog with some regular posts such as her Wednesday Breakfast and a Book and Shabby Sunday, both of which are favourites of mine.  She’s sent some fab photo’s for inclusion with this post so I hope you all enjoy (and that I’ve put them in the right places!)

Here is her bookshelf…

What was the first book you remember having on your bookshelf?
I had this record player that would play small records and someone in my family purchased a Hansel & Gretel book and record for me. It was always my favorite and I listened to it over and over again. I ended up losing the original as I got older, but I recently purchased all of my old childhood books that contained records so I could share them with my kids. Here’s a picture of the Hansel & Gretel book with record.

What was the most recent book you added to the bookshelf?
I purchased 3 books recently for my personal bookshelf. The Talon of God by Wesley Snipes, Bowie by Wendy Leigh and Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream by Neil Young, but the most recent book that I purchased was one I read for Edelweiss and instantly fell in love with. I had to purchase it for my kids but would like to keep it for myself. 😊 It’s titled The Little Red Wolf by Amélie Fléchais.

Which book have you most recently read from your bookshelf?
I just finished Paw Tracks in the Moonlight by Denis O’Connor, but haven’t reviewed it yet. It’s a story about a kitten that’s rescued from the winter cold and raised by a man who has limited resources or experience. I enjoyed it.

Which 5 books from last year would you not let go of from your bookshelf?
The Life We Bury by Allen Eskins, Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge by Mark Yarm, The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, and A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness.

Which books are you most looking forward to adding to your bookshelf?
I’m looking forward to adding Shadowsong (Wintersong #2) by S. Jae-Jones, The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks, and I’d really like to add all the new Harry Potter Illustrated editions to our collection.

Which genre is most predominant on your bookshelf?
Honestly, I can only say fiction. I read so many different genres and there isn’t one that I like more than the other.

Which genre do you wish you had more of on your bookshelf?
I wish I had more music books and even more memoirs. I love reading true stories.

If your bookshelf could talk what would it say?
Well, it depends on which one. I have a few that are screaming to be rearranged. The bookshelf you see pictured that’s color coordinated is really the only one I have that’s organized to an extent. I think if it could talk, it would say, “Please remove some books because I’m sort of crammed.” 😊

What colour do you see more of when you look at your bookshelf?
There’s a pretty good mix of colors, but my personal collection is more dark I suppose..

Can you share a picture of your bookshelf / favourite bookshelf?
I attached a few of my personal shelves and also thought I would include some of our children’s book collections as well. I love having a variety of reading material for my kids.

About Mischenko

Readrantrockandroll is a blog that I created to talk about the books that I read, music that I listen to, health matters, movies, and other things that interest me. I love doing Q&A’s, learning about others, and interacting with authors and readers! I’ve loved reading as far back as I can remember and always enjoyed attending book sales in grade school. I would get so excited when it was time for book fairs! I still have an addiction to book sales and can’t pass one up.

Reading and listening to music are my two most favorite activities next to spending time with my family of course. I also enjoy playing guitar and piano, writing poetry and songs, and I love watching movies and TV shows on Netflix and Amazon. I have an appreciation for nature, gardening, homesteading, learning, educating, and animals. I enjoy reading and reviewing on Goodreads, Edelweiss, and Netgalley as well.


The Bookshelf

the-bookshelf-logoCan I just say Wow! I love all the children’s books! Even though I don’t have children I have a huge weakness for their books, I buy so many of them and thank goodness I have a Niece to offload them onto is all I can say, and Mischenko’s recommendations often make it into my purchases!

Thanks so much for taking part I’ve loved having you and enjoying all your photo’s especially. I may have to move into your house with all those lovely bookshelves!

Want to take part?
I am now booking for 2018, January is already almost full! If you are a blogger or author and would like to take part in The Bookshelf in the New Year then click here! You will be taken to a really short contact form so that you can let me know your details and I will send you a simple Q&A and get you booked in!

I can’t wait to hear from you!


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