#Review: Beautiful Survivors by C.M. Stunich @CMStunich

Beautiful Survivors - C.M. Stunich


Five forgotten souls.
All of us misfits, outcasts, throwaways.
But me and my four best friends, we’re family.
These boys, they make the group home we live in bearable.
They’re everything to me, almost like brothers.
Except…I don’t want them to be my brothers.

I want them to be my boyfriends.
Only, I can’t decide on just one.

Everything changes the night we decide to escape.
Just the five of us on the run, five teens alone in the city.
Nash. Gunner. Maddox. Hitch.
And me, Merit Burden.
Falling in love wrapped in the gritty arms of reality.
Poverty, danger, uncertainty.
And the only way we can tackle it is together.

BEAUTIFUL SURVIVORS (Book #1 in the Five Forgotten Souls Trilogy) – This is a reverse harem story (one girl with four love interests aka MMFMM romance) set in the new adult/young adult genre with steamy scenes best suited for ages 18+.


Merit is an orphan and lives in a group home with the family she has created, four boys. Nash, Gunner, Maddox and Hitch. The four of them are a unit but Merit has started to develop feelings for the boys, feelings she can’t explain and she’s afraid of ruining her friendship with them.

When an accident forces them to go on the run and live on the street those feelings are forced into the forefront and C.M. Stunich does what she does best and gives us a reverse-harem story that sends the senses tingling. This book is very slow build and there isn’t much in the way of sex. It is far more about the emotional connection between these characters. Building the relationships and helping us as readers to connect with the characters, especially Merit.

I can imagine book two in this series will get hotter and steamier now that the foundation has been laid but as for this book I was completely absorbed, sold on the story and the experiences of these teens who have been forgotten by everybody except each other.

This is a superb book, with emotions running high, sexual tension at a peak and characters you can really buy into. As with previous C.M. Stunich novels I’ve read I just can’t fault anything, and I’m looking forward to continuing this series further.


Book & Buy Links

TitleBeautiful Survivors
Series: Five Forgotten Souls #1
Author: C.M. Stunich
Genre: Romance | Erotica | Reverse-Harem | New Adult
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 5 August 2017
Review Format: eBook
Other FormatsN/A
Pages: 153
Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US


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