Music Monday: Beautiful Dangerous by Slash feat Fergie

This is a weekly meme I’ve snatched from Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek. Simply you pick a song on a Monday and share it! Never one to turn away from the chance to share my exquisite taste in music I’m loving taking part in this every week, so thanks Drew!

I chose this track because I absolutely love it, I figured most of you will know who Fergie is, although I will be honest I was clueless when I first heard it, no I did not know who The Black Eyed Peas were before I researched Fergie on hearing this track. I’ve said it before but I am absolutely clueless about pop/rnb well anything mainstream.  I listen to heavy rock, metal and classical and some jazz and that pretty much covers my knowledge of music. While I know those genres inside out and could talk for days about them, anything else is a big black hole!

So, I bought the Slash album, heard this track and was so completely blown away, I fell in love with the lyrics, Fergie’s sound, I remember thinking this woman was amazing, then I heard what she normally sings and crawled into a hole crying in utter disbelief! She really needs to switch genres!

I don’t know who you are now
Mystery drenches my brain
I wanna jump deep into your cloud
‘Cause something tells me it’s gonna rain

I hear the thunder thumping
And my heart starts jumping
And that’s when I spin on the pole
Now my head’s exploding
And your gun is loaded
So I’m guessing I’m on a roll
Well it’s a fine time
Looking for a wine time man
And you said, “Baby, you ready to play?
Well, come ride on this roller coaster
‘Cause it ain’t over, it ain’t over.”

Rebel of this party
I’m in love with all your danger, danger
We can live forever
I can be your pagan angel, angel
Beautiful dangerous

You like it smooth like brandy
Savour the flavour with delight
You can be Sid, I’ll be Nancy
‘Cause sometimes it’s more fun to fight



[Guitar solo]

[Chorus 2x]



16 thoughts on “Music Monday: Beautiful Dangerous by Slash feat Fergie

  1. oh my gaaawwwd, Slash is like my absolute wet dream and I totally LOVED that album! The whole album was full of amazing tracks and this one is so good.. I was surprised to see Fergie was featuring one of the tunes back when it came out but had to accept that it worked real well! Good pick!

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