Week in Review – 27 August 2017

I head to North Lincolnshire on Tuesday to see my Sister and Niece. I will still be putting posts up but things may be quiet otherwise as I intend to enjoy my time with them as I probably won’t see them again for several months.

I’ve been having a bit of a meltdown about my book, I finished my first draft yesterday but it’s currently novella length which wasn’t my intention. I need to decide whether I tidy it up and keep it as a novella, or whether I rework it and get it to a full novel length, among a number of other issues. I’ve sent it to a couple of good friends both of whom are much better writers than I am for their input.

Right, here is my bookish update for this week!

Currently Reading

What I’ve Read

New Books

Bought / Freebies



This week I have reviewed The Collective by R.S. Williams as part of the blog tour, The Big Dreams Beach Hotel by Lilly Bartlett, and How To Tame A Wild Heart by Gwen Mitchell.

Other Posts

I have a excerpts from Royally Mine a collection of 22 bad boy romance novellas, Seven Ways to Lose Your Heart by Tiffany Truitt. I had an author interview with Kailee Reese Samuels as part of the Hopechest blog tour. Terry Tyler was featured on The Bookshelf this week and she had some great book choices so do check it out if you haven’t already.

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I'm BrizzleLass, I have Bipolar and have been dealing with mental illness in one form or another since childhood, I was first diagnosed with depression at nine. It's not easy speaking out about my experiences, some of them are extremely painful, but if I can help even one person then I have succeeded in sharing my story. This is where I talk about my mental health among other things that interest me. I enjoy walking, PlayStation, reading, heavy metal, and spending time with my Niece.

7 thoughts on “Week in Review – 27 August 2017”

  1. You need and deserve the quiet. And I’m so happy how far along your book is coming. 🙂

    As for the books you have or will read… something about the house on “In the Moment” looks very inviting…


    1. Thank you so much for everything, there really aren’t words to cover it all. 😊

      You’re right, that house looks lovely, I have a bit of a thing about traditional American houses like that. We don’t have anything like that here. 😞

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Have a good time, Claire – and my advice re the first draft? A story should be as long as it needs to be. Make it as good as you can (I always do 6 drafts, I know some do more!), and don’t worry about whether it’s a novel or a novella. Tipping Point was supposed to be 60K, but it’s 90K words long because it needed to be to tell the story properly; my books range from 39K to 122k! But a novella or short novel is a good way to start. Never pad out to make longer, unless there are areas that will really benefit from more in depth attention.


    1. That’s really useful thank you so much. Mine is currently around 45k, there’s definitely some work that needs to be done so that will go up a bit naturally but I just felt like it should be around 60k but that’s some useful advice. Thank you.


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