TAG: What Makes You Happy?

Oh the joy! I’ve finally caught up on all of my nominations! *happy dance*

A huge thank you to Jay at This Is My Truth Now for this nomination, an apt one given the happy dance and all! You all know how much I love Jay and his blog, I harp on about it every chance I get! Seriously, if you don’t already read it, why not?

So, let’s get on with this fun tag…

List 5 Things That Make You Happy

  1. Music – It sounds cliché but music is part of who I am, I couldn’t live without it.
  2. Reading & Writing – I’m putting these together as I feel like they are part and parcel of the same thing. There’s a definite sense of need I have to do both and that makes me happy whenever I do them.
  3. Cooking – I love to cook, I’m not too bad at it either, and I always enjoy eating it!
  4. Being Well – Sounds odd, but living with bipolar is a roller-coaster, knowing you feel well is huge and makes you feel really good!
  5. My Niece – She’s the funniest, most opinionated little girl ever (well since I was that age actually!) I love hanging out with her, we always have so much fun.

List 5 Songs That Make You Happy

This was harder than I thought, lots of my music makes me happy but it’s pretty depressing music, I tried to find more upbeat music to share with you that doesn’t fit in normal heavy metal brackets!

I’m in the crowd for this next video (you’ll never find me though!)

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