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A second chance at redemption…

A lifetime ago, Sarah and Liam were childhood sweethearts in a dingy Edinburgh block, dreaming of making it in the big wide world. But reality called. Sarah stayed to make a difference in her community, while Liam forged a career in international finance and never looked back.

Ten years on, a friend in crisis brings Sarah and Liam together in Dubai. There’s no trace of the boy she once loved – the man Liam has become is hard, mercenary, infuriating… and arousing. In an opulent desert city far away from everything she knows, can Sarah take the heat?


So I absolutely love and adore Kierney Scott’s books, but there are a few of her earlier books I missed and I’ve been determined to go back and read them. Twice in a Lifetime was her debut novel, so I went into it knowing that some of the things I love about her writing may not have been fully formed yet.

The story revolves around Sarah and Liam, two Scots who we meet in Dubai when Sarah goes to ask Liam for help saving one of their old childhood friends who has been arrested by the Dubai police. Liam has long left Edinburgh and her behind while she works as a social worker completely immersed in the depravity of their childhood.

Liam is a man who went through hell as a child and got out while the going is good, he loved Sarah and wanted her to go with him, when she refused it broke his heart and he walked away. Sarah feels the need to rescue everyone, she has spent her life trying to help everyone including this one friend she is trying to help now, the same friend she stayed to help before.

Unlike Kierney Scott’s newer book’s which have women who are very strong, Sarah is quite an infuriating character, she’s very whiney and doesn’t have the courage of her convictions, she has a type of hero complex, needing to be needed by these people and putting them all first before herself all of the time. She definitely lacked the immense strength that I see and admire in Kierney Scott’s newer characters.

Liam was a wonderful character (I mean just the name Liam for a start!) he’s had his heart broken but he went off and achieved greatness and is living somewhere beautiful and he’s doing some amazing things, the more you learn about what he is doing, the extra things he is doing to help people without taking credit as the book progresses as well it just grabs you’re heart. But he takes no crap, he see’s Sarah’s game when she arrives, and he plays her back, he’s not willing to be used as a mission of mercy and he turns it around on her.

I really enjoyed their story, I’ll admit not as much as The Firing Line trilogy or The Last Dance, but it was still a thoroughly enjoyable read and I’m so glad I went back to the beginning of Kierney’s journey!


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TitleTwice in a Lifetime
Series: N/A
Author: Kierney Scott
Genre: Adult | Romance | Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Carina
Publication Date: 29 August 2013
Review Format: eBook
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    1. Hah! Yeah Liam has always been my favourite male name so I knew I was onto a winner! Kierney’s other female characters are awesome, totally bad ass, she obviously honed her skillz after this one! 😂

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