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#Review: Learning To Fly by Tani Hanes @TaniHanes

If you missed my review of book one in this series I’ve linked to it below. Reviews of the rest of the series are to follow, I will keep these as spoiler free as possible but keep in mind if you haven’t read the earlier book(s) that it’s impossible to keep things completely spoiler free!

Book 1 – Living in the Shallows
Book 2 – Diving Deep


Tinker Bell’s life has changed so much in the past six months. She’s gone from being a poor music student to the girlfriend of a member of one of the most successful bands in the world. In Learning to Fly, the third in the UK Crush series, she travels to New York City with Teddy to compete in the most important piano audition of her life, to prestigious Hamilton Conservatory.

Life has never been easy for her, and though knowing Gethin, Ronan, Matthew, and of course, Teddy, has been wonderful, life is still fraught with unforeseeable problems. Her relationship with Teddy continues to grow as she falls more in love with him in beautiful wintertime Manhattan, and surprises await in the magical city of her dreams.


Learning to Fly is book three in this series about music student Tinker Bell and her unlikely relationship with the hit pop band UK Crush. Having fallen in love with Teddy the previously biggest playboy of the band she has now moved to London to be with him and has a close relationship with the remaining members of the band Gethin, Ronan, and Matthew.

I suspect they are a little bit in love with her but so far there has been no sighting of a reverse-harem style storyline appearing in this although it is quite the sex-romp. Tink and Teddy are quite the adorable if highly sexed couple and watching them navigate their relationship which is very much under a public spotlight with the press, and fans watching and critiquing every move they make…which I’ll be honest is something I have never understood. This is something in the heavy metal world we don’t do. People are with who they are with we don’t analyse it!

As they head to Manhattan for Tink’s big college audition we see them trying to enjoy their time and the weight of all the attention coming down on them even more. Tink starts to get thrown into the limelight becoming famous in her own right and we see how she has to try and cope with it. This wasn’t something she asked for or wanted she just fell in love with someone who was famous. That makes this such a complicated situation for her and I really empathised with her situation, I wondered at several points in this book was she going to have to choose between her life and Teddy.

Teddy as always is wonderful and does everything he can to bring Tink as much happiness as he can, his whole world revolves around her and he is the definition of smitten kitten. I think any lady would be lucky to have a man half as in love as Teddy is and I think Tink knows that.

This is another thoroughly enjoyable read, it’s easily a one sit read, all these characters are like good friends now and I love spending time with them.

A huge thanks to Tani Hanes for sending me the eBook copy which I won in a Giveaway and have read and reviewed honestly.


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TitleLearning To Fly
Series: UK Crush #3
Author: Tani Hanes
Genre: New Adult | Romance | Erotica | Music
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 7 February 2017
Review Format: eBook
Other FormatsPaperback
Pages: 178
Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US

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8 thoughts on “#Review: Learning To Fly by Tani Hanes @TaniHanes”

  1. Ha, I’m glad you mentioned re analysing relationships which doesn’t happen in the metal world… it truly doesn’t… I wonder… is this why we fall into different groups as people? By what we ‘think’ is or isn’t important? And that also determines our music taste? 😀 How crazy would that be… heh
    Great review, of course! 😉

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    1. I have wondered that myself! When I was doing writing for metal mags & sites I would meet bands and sometimes their girlfriends/wives and it was always really cool and nice. They were usually really welcoming and we would all chat and they would just give more insight into the band. They would also mix with fans in the crowd quite often and usually nobody knew who they were, the few who did would be respectful and polite. None of this obsessive stuff that seems to happen with Pop bands partners. It’s definitely a different world entirely.

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