#Review: Living in the Shallows by Tani Hanes @TaniHanes



Aileen Foster, a shy, 22 year old student from LA, thinks she has landed a dream job as an interpreter for some actors making a film in Japan. She gets a surprise when she arrives in Tokyo and finds out that they are UK Crush, the hottest boyband around. She has been orphaned for most of her life, and it’s a shock for her to enter their world of frank physicality. The boys come to love her, and Aileen is forced to look at her life and choices, and decide if she’s ready to be brave and start living.


I won this book a few months ago, and when I recently won the next three books in the series I decided to get my nose into these books and see what we had. It’s no secret that I have a thing for books involving musicians, my background having worked as a music journalist probably plays into that! This one was definitely a bit different as it involved a boy band, if there is one thing I know absolutely nothing about in the music world it’s pop music and boy bands so this was interesting territory for me, but hey romance is romance right?!

Aileen is our protagonist and she has landed a job as an interpreter for what she is told are actors, only to arrive and find herself confronted with four guys the same age as her, who also happen to be the four members of the band UK Crush. Aileen is a quiet girl, and has earned the nickname Aileen the Mouse back in LA, she’s never had a boyfriend, she just focuses on her schoolwork, music, and swimming. Oh and the girl is a frickin’ genius at pretty much everything she touches.

The band members are fairly typical lads, Theo, Gethin, Ronan, and Matthew who each become besotted with Aileen (having nicknamed her Tink). You see where this is going right? The story is super sweet though and not at all tacky. There are lots of really lovely moments as they travel around Japan, and despite my reservations about the pop band thing, that all got set aside as I got absorbed in the story.

I found Tink’s perfection a little annoying, she was far from a normal girl, she was a swimming superstar, a piano genius, she could knit perfectly, it was like whatever came up Tink could do it perfectly. It got really tiresome, her only flaw was she wouldn’t stop bloody crying! I think we like our female protagonists to be relate-able and Tink was far from relate-able. Even as a classically trained musician myself I couldn’t relate to her genius at all.

This is really well written and despite a few issues I had with the main character the story is adorable and develops into a great series (which I will review soon!)

A huge thanks to Tani Hanes for sending me the Paperback copy which I won in a Giveaway and have read and reviewed honestly.


Book & Buy Links

TitleLiving in the Shallows
Series: UK Crush #1
Author: Tani Hanes
Genre: New Adult | Romance | Music
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 28 October 2016
Review Format: Paperback
Other FormatseBook
Pages: 295
Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon US


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