#Review: Nightseer by Laurell K. Hamilton @LKHamilton @AceRocBooks

Nightseer - Laurell K. Hamilton


Keleios was a child when her mother, Elwine the Gentle, was slain by the malevolent witch Harque. Now Keleios’s prayers of avenging her death have finally been answered: she has been granted powers beyond anything she has ever known. But she has also acquired something else–the demonmark. As magical as it is terrifying, the demonmark can open the door to undreamed possibilities. It can also expose her soul to the darkest and most forbidden forces of sorcery.


I remember the day I bought this book, I was in one of the many second hand bookshops in Hay-on-Wye and buying a ridiculous number of books, as you do, and I spotted this bright yellow cover calling me and when I picked it up I realised it was Laurell K. Hamilton’s debut novel. Well I wasn’t going to not buy it. That was eight years ago and I have finally taken it from my bookshelf to read, I know I know!

I have never been able to keep up with LKH’s books I am so far behind with her work that it is laughable, but I persevere, there are just so many good books people, you feel my pain right? Anyway, I love LKH because she knows how to write a female protagonist, love or hate her work her female protagonists kick arse and don’t apologise for it either. I was so interested to see what her initial work was like.

Nightseer is actually a fantasy novel, how happy was I to read something by this amazing author that was in my favourite comfort zone? Keleios is a half elf/human with immense power, but like anyone in her world she can only use her power for so long before draining herself and needing to refuel. She is also a dream walker who see’s prophecies in dream and when she see’s a great danger coming she does everything she can to prevent it.

This book is pretty much non stop action from beginning to end, high fantasy with magic and sword play, it’s exhausting to read because there is hardly any let up from one battle to the next. There are a lot of special and named weapons which do start to become a bit confusing to keep track of as one gets destroyed  or lost and another is miraculously found.

Keleios is joined by a band of sidekicks who help her along her journey, including Lothor a dark healer and prince who wants her to marry him, in true LKH style there is much resistance on Keleios’ side but I could never work out why as I was really drawn to his character.

The ending left a lot of unanswered questions and I felt that this was intended to be a series but never went in that direction, probably because Anita Blake and Merry Gentry came along. I’m quite sad about that because more of Keleios and this wonderful world would be absolutely fantastic.


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Series: N/A
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Genre: Fantasy | High Fantasy | Magic | Sword & Sorcery
Publisher: Ace Books
Publication Date: 1 March 1992
Review Format: Paperback
Other Formats: Hardcover
Pages: 304
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