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A huge thanks to Lorraine over at The Book Review Café for nominating me for this. If you missed Lorraine’s post head over to see her answers because it was a really interesting read. And if you missed my blog yesterday, Lorraine was my featured blogger on The Bookshelf and it was no surprise at all that she had some fantastic answers, it was an absolute pleasure to have her over for the day.

So here we go…

What is the Mystery Blogger Award?

“Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion. Okoto Enigma

The rules by Okoto Enigma are:
1. Put the award logo/image in your post.
2. List all the rules.
3. Thank whoever nominated you and leave a link to their blog.
4. Tell your readers three things about yourself.
5. Nominate 10-20 people and notify them
6. Link back to the creator of the award.
7. Ask nominees any 5 questions of your choice, with a weird or funny question.
8. Share the link to your best/favourite post of yours.

About Me

Wow I’m doing so many of these I’m running out of things to write about myself! Haha1

1. I’m the eldest of five children, but we are a mixed bag, I have one “real” sister, one “half” brother, one “step” sister, and one “step” brother. my relationship with each of them is very different and varies between non-existent to stuck like glue!

2. I am a recovering addict and have struggled with drugs and alcohol, I’m very proud to say that I’ve been in recovery for 12 years and 5 years respectively. I speak openly about my struggles because I don’t feel there is anything to be ashamed of and I know that I can help others by talking about my own experiences.

3. I was never a girly girl, I’ve recently bought a couple of skirts and they are literally the first skirts I have ever, in all my 37 years bought myself! When I was a child I used to purposely sabotage any skirts my Mum would buy me by picking holes in them, or breaking seams, pouring paint on them in art class things like that so I wouldn’t have to wear them again! When I realised my parents hated mini skirts I tricked them into buying a couple so they went mad and banned me from wearing them and supported my choice of jeans!

My Answers

1  If you could meet one author who would it be? And why?

Well, I’ve met mine now, Robin Hobb, but I failed miserably in the conversation part! Doh! I wanted to ask her what it was like to be a pioneer for female writers in the fantasy genre, but my voice went into anxiety mode and I just about managed to squeak out how pleased I was to meet her. Total fail. I’m going to a fantasy convention in October and Jen Williams will be there, she’s a fairly new author in the scheme of things but I’m a huge fan and was quoted in one of her books. I have so many things I want to talk to her about from directions she took characters in her books to what’s happening in TV shows we both watch! I’m seriously hoping she’ll be my new best friend! haha! Yeah I have a problem.

2  If you could only ever read three books in your life time, which books would you choose?

Oooh good question! So The Catcher in the Rye, this book changed my life, made me think about a lot of things at a time where I was starting to get really sick and had no idea what was going on. I’ve read it more times than is probably healthy and it’s really special to me. The Copper Promise this is Jen Williams first book and it blew my mind, I discovered a female character in this book that encompassed everything I had ever looked for in a female character, right down to how she looked. She is imperfectly perfect.  My final book would probably have to be The Handmaid’s Tale, this is another book I’ve read countless times, I had to read it at school and I learned so much from it about society, about fighting for what you believe. I think it went over a lot of people’s heads but I felt empowered and I’ve re-read it so many times I know I won’t ever lose my connection to this book.

3  What makes a good read for you?

I like to visualise while I’m reading, the words need to pull me in and help my mind create the world of the book, especially with fantasy. I need to be able to see the people and their surroundings clearly. If a book isn’t doing this for me it means either I’m not very well and I need to pick up something a little easier to read or I’m not connecting with the book.

4  How many books do you have on your TBR pile? I want the whole truth and nothing but the truth to this question😂 (I’m hoping the answer will make me feel better about my own TBR pile)

My TBR, so books I actually have at home and on Kindle right now is 156, I’m super strict with myself on this front. My flat is more like a rabbit hutch so I only have 3 small bookshelves and nowhere to put extra books so I can’t be buying and requesting books unless I seriously intend to read them and move them on. I also don’t like having books clogging my Kindle Up, it gets me really stressed. I stopped accepting review requests a few months ago so I could concentrate on clearing the list a bit and I’m only requesting from NetGalley for authors I really like at the moment.

My wishlist is fairly under control at the moment aswell it’s currently at 159

5  How many books do you read in a typical month?

It varies quite a lot but on average it’s about 8

My Nominations

This list is not exhaustive, if you would like to take part you definitely should, in the same light, just because you are nominated you shouldn’t feel pressure to take part and should do so only if you fancy it!

  1. Joanne @ MyChestnutReadingTree
  2. Cathy @ BetweenTheLines
  3. Mairead @ Swirl and Thread
  4. Ali @ Ali – The Dragon Slayer
  5. Kelly @ Love Books Group
  6. Hayley @ RatherTooFondofBooks
  7. Cleo @ Cleopatra Loves Books
  8. Ronnie @ Ronnie Turner
  9. Wendy @ Little Bookness Lane
  10. Angie @ Angie Dokos

My Questions for You

  1. What was the last book you read that you couldn’t even bring yourself to review?
  2. What is your favourite TV show right now?
  3. Are you going to or would you like to be going to any book/genre conventions this year?
  4. Which book character best describes you?
  5. Write a one sentence review of the book you are currently reading.

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I'm BrizzleLass, I am a bookworm and my book blog BrizzleLass Books is where I share my love of books by writing reviews, sharing guest posts from authors, interviews and even the odd bookish giveaway! I have Bipolar and have been dealing with mental illness in one form or another since childhood, I was first diagnosed with depression at nine. It's not easy speaking out about my experiences, some of them are extremely painful, but if I can help even one person then I have succeeded in sharing my story. My personal blog is where I talk about my mental health among other things that interest me.

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  1. Interesting post 😃 156 is a bit tame 😉 I am sorry that your Robin Hobb experience wasn’t up to par. I have decided I don’t want to meet any of my favourite authors as I tend to get confuddled when I get over-excited 😅. I really like your questions, may have to give them a go!

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