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#Review: Roadie by C.M. Stunich @CMStunich


WARNING: This book features one stronghearted young woman and her five rockstar lovers. All six of them are struggling to overcome their dark pasts while falling more deeply in love.
P.S. Nobody said she had to pick just one.
Turn the page only if you enjoy true love, raw grief, genuine human connection, rock ‘n’ roll, and books with unfiltered, unashamed sex.

“I’m in love with five bad boy rockstars. But is our love strong enough to overcome our tragedy?”

Lilith Goode is dating—and in love with—five gorgeous rockstars.
She shares her body, her heart, and her soul with each one of them.

Paxton is the leader, covered in tattoos, and cocky as hell.
Michael is the bad boy determined to change his ways.
Ransom is the scarred one, dark and beautiful.
Muse is the practical one, the enigma with a silver mohawk.
Copeland is the boy next door with a penchant for reading romance novels.

Together, these six twisted souls make up one beautiful whole.
But can one woman really love five different men?
What if they’re all tattooed, pierced, scarred, and broken?
And what if they all need her as much she needs them?

Their love is as unconventional as their music.
Rock ‘n’ roll, romance, redemption.
A story about finding beauty everywhere … even in a lie.

Roadie, Book #2 in the Rock-Hard Beautiful Trilogy
a New Adult Erotic Rocker Romance from International Bestselling Author C.M. Stunich

***ROADIE is a 90,000 word novel about strong emotions, difficult pasts, and vibrant love. It contains bad boy rockers, rock ‘n’ roll concerts, handcuffs, friendship, explicit sex scenes and forgiveness. This is a MMMFMM book with a STRONG focus on the woman (although there is some light M/M in here, too) aka a reverse harem novel (one woman, five guys). It has a happy ending, NO cliff-hanger, and is the second book in a trilogy.


I picked this up as soon as I finished Groupie, I literally couldn’t wait to read more about these beautiful characters who I had found completely addictive. Picking up right where Groupie left off, Roadie continues the story of Lilith and the band members of Beauty in Lies.

As the six make a solid commitment to each other, the relationship grows beyond sex into something deeper and much more heartfelt as Lilith helps them and herself start to face the demons from their pasts. This book whilst being as hot as the first, is so much deeper within the storyline and at times almost tore my heart out.

Each of the characters is lovable in their own way, even Lilith is a beautiful character, it would be easy to hate on a character in her position but I absolutely adore her. Paxton is the band’s lead singer, the alpha of the group and English to boot, C.M. Stunich has nailed his Brit ways and I loved that even his slang is perfectly nailed, I don’t always get that from American writers when they write British characters. Michael is a guy who has done some bad things in his past but wants to do the right thing in the future. Lilith see’s only good in him and I like that, I love his grit and determination.

Ransom has been through hell after almost being killed by the person who murdered his mother. He’s withdrawn and quiet most of the time but very passionate. Muse is completely adorable and thinks of everything that needs doing and gets it done. Copeland reminds Lilith of the boy next door, except this boy next door reads romance novels and ravishes her! Honestly at different times they all become my favourite for different reasons! It’s very hard to pick one and I think that’s one of the best things about these books, that they are written in such a way to completely draw you in.

Now onto the erotic side of this story, which quite frankly is epic, I’ve come across only a handful of authors who can pull off sex scenes this good and none before who can pull off the group sex that nails the balance between meaningful and passion. C.M. Stunich has nailed this, I read this book in one sitting completely unable to put down the book, needing to know what happened next, and I’m dying to get my hands on book three!


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Series: Hard Rock Beautiful #2
Author: C.M. Stunich
Genre: Romance | Erotica | Music | Menage | Reverse Harem
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 8 May 2017
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: N/A
Pages: TBA
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