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I’m so pleased to welcome J.L. McFadden to my blog today, he has written a post about himself and his life with his family as an ex-pat American for us today as part of the blog tour for The Guardian which is book one in The Guardian series.


John a young man from Detroit realizes he has a special bond with a vampire, which gives him special abilities and makes both of them a target; the ancients will stop at nothing to destroy him and his relationship with this unbridled female vampire. Will John’s new found abilities be enough to save her and her coven?

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Guest Post

I have decided to go a bit outside of the conventional blog post and actually talk about myself. Not as an author or about my works, but rather, what sort of makes me a bit unusual. Plus I feel it might give the readers a bit of a better idea of who I really am.

I am an American citizen that has been living overseas for almost a decade. A year and a half ago I was blessed with a little son,  so I have had my eyes opened even more to how things are different in the culture here than back home, and I do mean you realize a lot more when a child is involved.

There are always a difference in the upbringing of a child, even if you had been raised in the same town as your spouse, and doubly so if you grew up with different native languages.

Dave’s mother and I come at loggers heads from time to time but mostly move past it pretty quickly. We are both hard headed people, so this comes and no easy feat, especially since neither of us has a subservient bone in our bodies. Me mostly being Scots-Irish and she being Ukrainian and Russian we both don’t know how to back down from principle; despite all of this we have a very happy baby boy. She and I have had a lot of talks and had to come to an understanding of each other’s reasons.

We have faced some backward bias, mostly from my side of the family, but our son never realizes what has happened. I knew this was coming; even with one of my books, I had people use it as a chance to show their social phobias about Lithuania. The saddest part of one of that situation is the author of the nasty letter proclaimed on her own site that she had a diploma is Sociology. Maybe that was the most humorous part.

Living overseas has not just opened me to another culture and language, it also opened my eyes to a lot of things in my own culture that I had taken for granted. For the longest time, people would have a million questions for me. Some of these questions I had to think about, research, and reflect on later on.  I believe most of us are guilty of this. Ask anyone in any city, “What is there to do?” Most likely they will respond, “Nothing.” Even in this city, people tell this to outsiders and if I have time I will tell the visitor about the parks, amusement parks, and what other spots would be interested in.

I have to admit that it is nice to have been forced to take a step back and really look at what is in my home country. I realized how many things I just simply had not taken notice to and should have. Some are great things, some are not so good, but all in all, it is a little disheartening to realize how many things I had not paid attention to.

One of the best things is watching my son get to experience the holidays from both his mother and me. He gets to have Christmas on the 25th with his American family and once again on New Years with his Ukrainian family. The holiday is celebrated a bit different: Different fictional characters, so he is growing up with Santa Clause and Uncle Frost and his Grand Daughter. Easter on most years are on different days, but this year, it fell on the same date. Here they don’t really color eggs. The parents may color them red and put some sort of graphic on it, but it is not a family event like in America. They do not hide the eggs. We do. Also, the Easter basket with candy and a toy is a strange idea to people here, but Dave’s mom helped me put his together. The largest challenge I face here is spreading Halloween enough to my neighbors to him a good night of trick or treat when he gets a bit older. For the record, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I have a lot of fond memories of dressing up and going to Parker P.A so we could be in the Halloween parade and party at the Fire Station. Children of all ages taking part in games and seeing who had the best costume for their age groups. Other times remembering my older cousins taking me trick or treating in their town. As you can see, this is one thing I desperately want to give my son.

Dave understands us both and speaks to us in our native languages. Dave’s mother only speaks Russian to him (our city speaks Russian) and I only speak English to him. The t.v is mostly Ukrainian and he responds to the cartoons and laughs at the funny stuff. Thus far, he seems to not have an issue with any of the three languages he is surrounded with. His aunts and uncles call him on Facebook Messenger, and at times he calls them, sometimes at times that are really not convenient for them. I am hinting at it being somewhere after 1 pm and my son has gotten his hands on my phone. I feel he is too young to fly. I know a lot of children fly younger than him, but I would rather wait until he is old enough to know why he has to sit still. My son is very active.

We are still torn about where to raise him. Here he has a lot of little cousins and he really loves his grandma. I parents past a while back. Not just countries but where at in the U.S. or Ireland. I spent a lot of my adult life in Los Angeles and Hollywood and a have become closer and closer with my friends and distant family from Ireland.

As you may have figured out most of my thought process is about my son. Might be why I have been writing a lot more for a parenting website than my books lately. Get Connect Dad has been a great outlet for me, but I have crawled back into the writing world. I am thankful for my travels and interactions for they have made it easier for me to write characters that have different backgrounds. As anything else in a writer’s world, my son has added another dimension to how I look at my stories.

I am hoping you all enjoyed this little look into my life. And I hope that you enjoy my books.

J.L. McFadden

About J.L. McFadden

J.L McFadden is an American author that has an European writing style. He is an avid traveller and linguist that uses alot of his experiences in his fictional novels. He also enjoys sports and takes part in international martial communities. McFadden is a paranormal romance author that has a way of spinning tragic romance into stories that stays with his readers.


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9 thoughts on “#BlogTour: The Guardian by J.L. McFadden @JamieLeeMcfadde @UFBooks #GuestPost”

    1. You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by. It’s a really interesting post, I always think it’s really interesting for children to grow up in a family with parents from such different backgrounds they will get such a bigger view of the world.

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  1. Thank you for giving us all some insight into your day to day life and your incredible journey. Your passion for life, your love of family and your willingness to adapt has made you a very talented author. Your light shines through in your work and I look forward to hearing/reading more from you.

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  2. Jamie’s life experience are subtly reflected in his written works and that makes his stories more realistic to his readers. The Guardian series is well-balanced with a story line to attract the interest of more than one genre of reader. I look to see J.L. gain popularity with the reading public as more people are exposed to his works. I’ve know Jamie for a few years now and have enjoyed watching his real life story unfold as well.

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