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Blog Tour: Review: Now and Then Friends by Kate Hewitt

Welcome to my stop on the Now and Then Friends Blog Tour by Kate Hewitt and hosted by Neverland Blog Tours. I’m very pleased to be taking part and hope you enjoy my review.

The USA Today bestselling author of Rainy Day Sisters returns to Hartley-by-the-Sea…
Childhood best friends Rachel Campbell and Claire West have not only grown up, but after fifteen years, they’ve also grown apart…

After her father left, Rachel had to dedicate her life to managing her household: her two younger sisters, her disabled mother, and her three-year-old nephew. When Rachel’s not struggling to look after all of them, she makes her living cleaning the houses of wealthy families—including the Wests, where a surprise now awaits her. . . .

A lifetime of drifting in other people’s currents has finally left Claire high and dry. First it was her parents, then the popular crowd in school, and finally her fiancé. Now she’s returned to Hartley-by-the-Sea to recover. But running into Rachel brings back memories of past mistakes, and Claire wonders if she now has the courage to make them right.

Soon Claire’s brother, Andrew, asks Rachel to keep an eye on Claire, which is the last thing either woman wants. But as their lives threaten to fall apart, both Claire and Rachel begin to realise what they need most is a friend. The kind of friend they once were to each other, and perhaps can be again. . . .

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Kate Hewitt has brought us back to the friendly village of Hartley-by-the-Sea and though this book can easily read as a standalone, if you have read the first book Rainy Day Sisters, you will feel enveloped with warmth by the familiarity of old friends as they help Claire and Rachel through their story.

The friction between these old friends was so very well described and the pain both women were feeling for different reasons was evident. You couldn’t help but to feel sympathy for them as you continued through this book written from the dual-perspective to ensure that both Claire and Rachel had an equal voice throughout the book.

Whilst Claire had a privileged upbringing she was also stifled and her return to Hartley-by-the Sea was a break for independence, while Rachel was pinned to her family, being the person responsible for looking after them, and sacrificing her wants and needs.

The women who had once as very young girls had been best friends, are now polar opposites but this book see’s them becoming the guides they both need to learning what the future can hold for themselves independently.

Kate Hewitt, has a knack for writing real people, she doesn’t write people in fantastical situations, who extra good looking, who seem to have super jobs, and are over-achievers. She writes people who do very normal jobs, who look like a normal person and make the same mistakes any of us could make.

This makes reading Hewitt’s characters like reading a friend, you could be reading about your neighbour, your sister, your cousin. It makes you root for the characters so much more and you want something good to happen for them, and for them to find happiness, whatever form that may come in.

I thoroughly enjoyed Now and Then Friends, I felt a connection with both women and I was rooting for them to find  a future that suited them and put a smile on both of their faces.

I also loved reading about more of the characters within Hartley-by-the-Sea and I really hope that we see more of these in the future.

This is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it for people that know what a true friendship is made of.

Thank you very much to Kate Hewitt for a copy of the novel to review this book honestly for the blog tour.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

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Kate Hewitt - Author ImageAbout Kate Hewitt:
Kate Hewitt is the author of over 40 novels of women’s fiction and romance. She loves telling an emotional story in a variety of genres, and has been nominated for the Romance Writers of America RITA Award twice. An American ex-pat, she lives in the Cotswolds of England with her husband, five children, and an overly affectionate Golden Retriever. You can follow her adventures in village life on her blog,

Links: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads | Facebook

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TitleNow and Then Friends
SeriesHartley-by-the-Sea #2
Author: Kate Hewitt
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Women’s Fiction
Publisher: NAL
Publication Date: 12 July 2016
Review Format: Paperback
Other Formats: eBook | Audio
Pages: 362
Buy: Amazon UK | Amazon USiBooks

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