Straight to Hell - Michelle Scott

Review: Straight to Hell by Michelle Scott

The Devil Never Forgets a Deal

I, Lilith Straight, was the woman you always wanted to be. I was married to someone better looking than your husband, we lived in that house you always wanted. Within a year, however, all of that changed. My marriage dissolved, my house burned down, and my job hardly paid the bills. So when I was hit by a car and died, I thought my life couldn’t get any worse. Boy, was I wrong.

Hell was not the place I imagined. It was worse. During my brief stay, I learned some disturbing truths about my family. Most worryingly my ancestor’s deal with the devil promising him every female descendent as a succubus.

So these were my options: Life on earth as a soul-sucking seductress. Or death and pass the succubus baton to my sweet little daughter. There was no choice. Welcome to hell on earth, Lilith. Mother, teacher, wanton she-demon.

OK, I tried, I really tried and I’m sorry but this book just didn’t float my boat…

The premise of Straight to Hell is that Lilith Straight, dies and finds that she is a succubus, the next in a generational line, if she refuses, the baton gets passed to her 8-year old daughter. From reading the book description I thought this book would be right up my ally.

I’m not opposed to a comedic twist to this novels, there are some which do it really well. Authors such as Jeaniene Frost, Charlaine Harris, and Lynsay Sands all have novels with a comedic twist in their otherwise paranormal novels which are a joy to read when you want something a bit more lighthearted.

This however, was just really hard going, I managed to get to about 40% and I just couldn’t keep going. I found Lilith our lead character was just really, well, prissy. The opening page was all about how she used to be one of the elitist 1%, then for me it felt she just feels really sorry for herself while acting like she is better than everyone else. I couldn’t find anything at all to connect with her and was completely emotionally unconnected from the book. I think some of this was supposed to be funny but it was really lost on me and not my humour and I find it very hard to read books if I can’t connect emotionally.

I also felt there wasn’t enough descriptive text for me personally, I know it doesn’t bother some people at all but I really need to create pictures in my head and if I can’t do that I feel very lost. I had no real image of the scenes!

The writing really reminded me of books like Undead and Unwed (MaryJanice Davidson) and I’m The Vampire That’s Why (Michelle Bardsley). Again, books I didn’t connect with, but they were the beginnings of two very successful series so I think this book has a very definite readership but I’m not it *sad face*.

A huge thanks to Michelle Scott and Carina UK for the ARC via NetGalley to provide an honest review of this novel.

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars

TitleStraight to Hell
Series: Lilith Straight
Author: Michelle Scott
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: Carina UK
Publication Date: 24 October 2013
Review Format: eBook
Other Formats: N/A
Pages: N/A
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