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Welcome to my stop on the Fluence blog tour, I’m so pleased you’ve stopped by to find out a little more about this great book. While you are here make sure to enter the draw to win one of two eCopies of the book, the draw is open internationally!

Title: Fluence
Author: Stephen Oram
Genre: Dystopian
Publisher: Silverwood Books
Publication Date: 26 June 2015
Format: eBook / Paperback
Pages: 330
Buy: Amazon UK Amazon US

Book Blurb:
Amber is young and ambitious. Martin is burnt out by years of struggling. She cheats to get what she wants while he barely clings on to what he has. It’s the week before the annual Pay Day when strata positions are decided by the controlling corporations. The social media feed is frenetic with people trying to boost their influence rating while those above the strata and those who’ve opted out pursue their own manipulative goals.

Fluence is a story of aspiration and desperation and of power seen and unseen. It’s a story of control and consequence. It’s the story of the extremes to which Amber and Martin are prepared to go in these last ten thousand minutes before Pay Day.

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

My Review:
Imagine life where there is no Government, the supermarkets have grown so big they rule the roost, and social media determines your place in society not money, or birth, or where you live or go to school.
Fluence tells the reality of this imagined world, where in an England not too different from our own people are battling it out on social media to gain fluence which will see them rise to a better colour, a better colour means a better job, home, lifestyle, friends, and even more fluence!
It’s not hard to imagine a world where this is a reality, with our Governments’ so easily controlled by big business, and people so easily controlled by social media.
Fluence tells the story of two main characters, Amber a young social climber who will do just about anything to get where she believes she belongs, back to yellow which she dropped down from at the last annual pay day for love, something she has evidently fallen out of love with.
Amber is ruthless, and with her knowledge of how the strata (social media) algorithm’s work she plays the system with determination and assurity.
Martin on the other hand is an ex-hacker but now a worn out family man, he just wants to stay where he is in Green, he’s terrified of letting his family down but whatever he does his fluence score just keeps dropping. In his quest to try and find just enough points to scrape through the points barrier he finds himself faced with questions he never thought he would have to answer.

Amber and Martin work at the same place, the Bureaucracy, and as the story unfolds, their stories start to entwine in unexpected ways.

I would have liked to see more of the outliers (those who don’t comply), how their story folds into things and how they could potentially change things, I found what we do see of them compelling and interesting enjoyed their non-comply attitudes.

Stephen Oram has sewn a web of mystery, blackmail, and anarchy. Along with party-going social climbers, miserable family men and some really strange goings on that make for a superb answer to the “What would happen if…?” question around the fall of government, and the rise of social media and retail…

About Stephen Oram:
Like each and every one of us, my perspective of the world has been affected by many people and experiences: as a teenager I was heavily influenced by the ethos of punk; in my early twenties I embraced the squatter scene and then joined a religious cult, briefly; I did some computer stuff in what became London’s silicon roundabout; and I’m now a civil servant with a gentle attraction to anarchism. I really enjoy taking a sideways look at our world and thinking, “what if,” and then writing about it through speculative fiction.

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