Book Review: Blurring The Line by Kierney Scott

Title: Blurring the Line
Author: Kierney Scott
Publisher: Carina
Publication Date: 11th July 2014
Format: e-Book
Pages: Not-Specified
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When DEA agent Beth Thomson recruits ex-soldier Armando Torres as an undercover agent, she knows she has hit the jackpot.

He will infiltrate ‘Los Zetas’, one of Mexico’s deadliest cartels, and expose their drug-running into the USA. In turn, she promises to turn a blind eye to him finding and killing the rival cartel member who shot his best friend. Beth is good at overlooking the gruesome details of her job; her focus is the bigger picture – nailing ‘El Escorpion’, the mysterious and most-wanted leader of the ‘Los Treintas’ gang.

Torres soon climbs the cartel ladder, and has the tattoo markings to prove his loyalty. So when a secret meet with Beth goes wrong, his cover is strong enough for him to save her from his fellow gang members. His silence hints at the horrors he has performed to get him where he is, and his brutality and strength both scare and arouse Beth simultaneously. The heat between them is unprofessional and yet undeniable. But has he gone rogue? Can Beth trust him to put her mission before his own revenge? And can she trust herself with him?

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Northern Star Book Promotions very kindly sent me a copy of this book for review. I’ll be honest at being a little sceptical, I find this genre can get a little tiresome, stuck in old cliches with weak women being saved by their Knights in Shining Armour. That being said there are also a few real gems in the genre and these make the genre a fantastic break from my usual more heavy duty reading list. They also make great holiday reads so it’s great to find authors who hit the nail on the head. I had not read any of Kierney Scott’s previous book’s before but had heard good things so despite my scepticism I still held a little optimism based on other people’s reviews.

The book opens strong, with gritty language and a tense situation that draws the reader into the tense situation our ‘heroin’ Beth is living in as a lead DEA agent. We are introduced to a strong, determined, clever, capable woman who isn’t going to take any rubbish from anybody.

Our ‘hero’ Torres comes on the scene very quickly and whilst this book does follow the usual genre formula to a certain point (i.e. you can predict certain things that will happen between the couple) the storyline itself is very well written, gripping and even without the romance aspect would be a thoroughly enjoyable read.

The storyline takes some dramatic twists and turns which leave you wondering who will live and who will die, who is betraying whom and will this couple actually make it? Tackling real issues like trust, family, love, fear, and need.

Kierney Scott is proven to be a very good writer with this book, where the story itself becomes as important as the romance the book is written to draw readers in for. I’ve read many of these books where the underlying story is weak and painful to follow. This is not one of them. Kierney Scott has started a strong story here which ends on what can only be described as a painful cliffhanger.

If the next two books in the series are as good as this then I’m sold!

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